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Exclusively at the NEW YORK store, nanamica will start sales of a 65/35 Bayhead Cloth field down jacket, and half sleeve T-shirt and hooded parka using fabric made in the USA with a distinctly dry texture.


The field down jacket in 65/35 Bayhead Cloth has water repellent finish on the outside so that it has a classic look and high functionality. The inner lining uses nanamica house check pattern fabric made of cotton COOLMAX®️. 


The jacket has original dot buttons with glossy finish. Inside filling is KODENSHI®️ down, which maintains natural warmth by efficiently reflecting back far infrared rays from the body within the body temperature range. The jacket comes in 2 colors, Vintage Beige and Dark Navy.


The half sleeve T-shirt, with the unique dry texture of fabric made in the USA, has a garment dye finish that creates subtle differences in the shade of the fabric, which gives the shirt a cool, lived-in look. 



The front has graphics combining the nanamica tagline OOAL (One Ocean, All Lands) and NYC, and the back is printed with graphics of the ocean by illustrator AKIO ONISHI, printed by half rubber print. The T-shirt has a slightly roomy, relaxed silhouette, and comes in 2 colors, Natural and Navy. 


The hooded pullover in 10oz inlay fleece fabric made in the USA is garment dyed like the half sleeve T-shirt, which makes the fabric softer and gives it a nice skin feel.


The typography embroidery in the front looks towards vintage sweatshirts for inspiration, with the embroidery done with intentionally rough stitching. The hood had original snap buttons to enhance protection against the cold for the neck area. The shape is a relaxed silhouette with slight room in the body. It comes in 2 colors, Natural and Navy.



Please come over to nanamica NEW YORK and check out these items.


nanamica Field Down Jacket (SUAF195_) $620.00 + tax

 *Release date scheduled for 18th-September 


nanamica Logo Tee (SUHF199_) $100.00 + tax

 *Release date scheduled for 18th-September 


nanamica Logo Hooded Pullover Sweat (SUHF198_) $260.00 + tax

*Release date scheduled for mid-October