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nanamica is releasing a limited edition collaboration item with British lifestyle media 〈MONOCLE〉.

The current collaboration item is a raglan sleeve cruiser jacket, with the design based on the US Army ECWCS Jacket.

The outer material is 3L Cotton Twill GORE-TEX Fabrics. It is a stiff fabric that is composed of GORE-TEX membrane sandwiched between cotton on the front and nylon tricot on the back. It has excellent windproof and waterproof properties while also allowing moisture to escape from inside of clothing, so that it protects you from sudden cold rain and wind and fluctuations in temperature, making it a good item to be prepared for unpredictable spring weather. By using cotton on the outside of the material, it is a functional item that also has the natural texture of cotton.

The chest has a security pocket with fastener, and the waist pocket doubles as a hand warmer. There are 2 large pockets with fasteners on the inside for excellent storage capabilities. It has a collaboration brand tag of nanamica x MONOCLE.

The nanamica×MONOCLE GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket will be released for sale at the nanamica shops below and the nanamica ONLINE STORE, as well as the MONOCLE ONLINE SHOP starting 2022 February 27 (Sun).



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nanamica×MONOCLE GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket