nanamica 2024 spring and summer catalog has arrived.

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Nanamica 2024 spring and summer season catalog has been available at nanamica store since 2/1(Thu).
One Ocean, All Lands(The ocean is one and the world is connected) is our motto at nanamica. Our unchanging theme is to create simple, beautiful, neutral items that are considerate of the environment and that have advanced functionality, which people all over the world can love and use. This season, Nanamica continues its commitment to 'Life Techwear that Fills the Heart,' seeking further comfort and innovation.

In the news for the 2024 S/S season, we will be updating the fabric made of covering core yarn (yarn with a polyester core wrapped in cotton) for shirts and pants, which are staple materials for nanamica, to more environmentally conscious options such as recycled polyester and organic cotton. Additionally, with the aim of enhancing the comfort of urban-dwelling women, we will not only offer UNISEX techwear suitable for various scenes but also introduce techwear specifically designed for women, incorporating feminine sensibilities.

The color palette for this season will feature navy and natural, along with classic green and yellow that resemble a slight sun-kissed look.

Furthermore, in the latter half of the season, we have included bright-colored items like
sax sweatshirts inspired by the colors of the sea and sky during this time of year, serving as accents for coordinating outfits.

Spring items will arrive gradually, so please stay tuned for the 24SS season.

We hope you can tune in to the rhythm of the sea by nanamica.