nanamica 2023 spring and summer collection has arrived.

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Nanamica 2023 spring and summer season collection will launch at nanamica NEW YORK store on 20th January (Fri).

Based on the slogan of ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS, (The ocean is one and the world is connected), this season's nanamica will continue to work on the theme of "life tech wear that fills the heart".

The seemingly endless cold rain finally stopped.
From a gap between layers of thick gray clouds,
sunlight spills out as though it had been patiently waiting for just the moment.
The scenery in front of me slowly gains color like a polaroid film.
The greenery of the mountain reflected on the ocean sparkles brightly.
I instantly start to feel more free,
and it is as though my whole body is being charged with energy.
Now, let us join forces and protect this bountiful ocean!

In the spring of 2023, nanamica will become one in which we made much use of traditional woven materials and fibers born from the wisdom of our predecessors and passed on to us, and we especially rediscovered the functionality of natural organic materials.

I would be very happy if you could spend your daily life more freely and relaxed by wearing nanamica items.