nanamica 2021 fall and winter collection has arrived.

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Nanamica 2021 fall and winter season collection will launch at nanamica store on 7/23 (Fri).

2021 fall and winter season nanamica pursues further comfort,
continuing the development of “Heart-warming Life-Tech wear.”

The age that we live in is complicated. It is not infrequent that we are faced with completely unforeseen circumstances.

With the pandemic, we have come to spend a lot of time at home,
and it has become necessary for us to adapt to this big change.

Work has entered our private space. We have come to want to make our daily living more comfortable than ever before.


We are living in a situation that we have previously never experienced before.

Because our activities are restricted, we feel more than ever the need to make our everyday living more comfortable.

We hope that you can try nanamica’s tech wear
and spend a comfortable, relaxing time.


We hope you can tune in to the rhythm of the sea by nanamica.