About nanamica clothes Vol. 9 “If there is a view that you wish to see…”

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The nanamica cargo pants created based on the US Army M-51 field trousers is a masterpiece, combining the rough and coarse look of the military and the clean, functional design of nanamica. For the past few collections, it has been released as a standard pants item, and it is always quick to disappear from stores. It is now an iconic nanamica item in line with the chino pants. It embodies two contrasting elements, rough and clean, and exudes a mysterious charm.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these pants so charming.

First of all, a different fabric is used on the pocket flap and the cargo pocket on the side. The fabric on the pockets is the same color as the main fabric but the different surface texture shows an exquisite contrast creating a visual accent.

It has a different softer texture than the ripstop used for the main part, so that it lessens fraying from using the pockets, so that it not only looks nice but feels nice too. The side seams are double-stitch, characteristic of the M-51. It takes the shape of the wearer with each wear. And of course, the pants are guaranteed to be tough.

The thick and stiff cotton CORDURA nylon ripstop fabric looks neat and clean even with the wide pants silhouette. The moderately tapered cut and darts on the knees together create a three-dimensional silhouette. The hems can be tied tightly with flat lace, which keeps the military-like feel of the original pants.

To note, this subtle beige color that exudes the rough feel of the military and urban elegance is a recurring color from 20SS.

The belt loop on the back is positioned off-center, which is a detail of vintage pants. In contrast, the suspender buttons and tourniquet strap have been eliminated, a fine balance of adding and subtraction. It is a good example of nanamica’s “functional beauty.”

There is the famous French saying, “Beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful places.” Well, beautiful pants will probably be a great companion of those that choose their own direction. Match with a jacket and leather shoes to head out to a casual restaurant. Match with beach sandals to go for a walk along the beach. Wherever you go, the many pockets will be of great use.

Tough, useful, versatile Nanamica’s cargo pants are not for those who wait around for destiny to take them somewhere, but for those who make the decision to head out towards the view that they wish to see.


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