About nanamica clothes Vol. 8 “Realizing the ultimate of the necessary and sufficient.”

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With the diversification of lifestyles, it is really not so easy to choose the perfect bag these days.

Does it match my daily outfits? Could it damage my coat or knitwear? Does it suit the amount and type of things I intend to carry in it? Would it age beautifully as I use it over the years? A bag is considered from a complex combination of multiple angles, and if it passes, a blessing is given and it is chosen.

We don’t know whether the nanamica bag we are showing you here will become your go-to, your best bag companion. Only you can arrive at the answer after actually using it. But, we think it is definitely worth a try.

The 2-Way helmet bag that can also be used as a day pack that we have been releasing since 20FW has been very popular, but we have received many requests for a bag that can also be used as a shoulder bag. To fulfill this request, we have developed this Water repellent 2-Way Tote Bag, which we are releasing this 2022 Spring.

What is distinctive about it is the shape and material. To the shape of the 2-pocket helmet bag with roots in the US Army, we applied water-repellent processed cotton cloth, which has an elegant sheen.

This is the same material as the outer material of nanamica’s signature item, the cotton GORE-TEX Balmacaan coat. The material is dense and resistant against rain and dirt, smooth to the touch and protective of clothing. It has a 3-layer structure with waterproof breathable film bonded to it, so that it is strong against rain and also very durable. Another important point is that the fabric is quite stiff so that the bag can stand on its own.

Moreover, matching it with the GORE-TEX Balmacaan coat makes for a unified, coordinated look.

Tough and smooth nylon is used for the straps. The carefully selected metal fittings have a matte texture and beautiful smooth shape so that it feels very pleasant to use. It fits to the body and because it is a frequently used part, the quality of the finest details become very important.

The simple leather tag tucked into the side exudes an exquisite balance between nanamica’s stance of not being flashy, and the brand as a guarantee of trust and quality.

The bottom plate inside the bag contains urethane foam and is absorbent of impact. Another thing that is good about this bag is that it has depth and high storage capacity, adequate for a one-night break or business trip.

The handle part is nylon with cotton padding inside, which feels nice to grip and easy to hold. It is not so obvious but there are all sorts of details that are thoughtful to the bag’s user throughout the bag.

The 2 pockets located in the front, which can be said to be the biggest characteristic of the helmet bag, have three-dimensional patterns with a unique voluminous shape.

There are all different kinds of bags in the world. Bags with many pockets. Bags made of tough materials. Luxurious designs. Flashy brand logos. What nanamica has arrived at is to eliminate all those different symbols, to create a bag that simply feels really good to use. This ultimate realization of the necessary and sufficient can most likely become the bag that will naturally become your go-to.


Water repellent 2Way Tote Bag