About nanamica clothes Vol. 3 The ocean, the devil, and the free spirited cut and sewn.

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Wearing striped cut and sewn lets you feel laid back and free. As many of you may know, its roots come from fishermen and the navy. Navy stripes make you instinctively think of the sea horizon. But did you know, the stripe pattern actually has a rather strange history. In the book by historian Michel Pastoureau with the unsettling title, “The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes, ” it explains stripes from various viewpoints such as historical, social, religious, and visual. According to the book, stripes have consistently been seen to represent the heretic. Come to think, prisoners in some movie wore thick stripes.  Maybe the stripes worn by punk rockers also borrowed from this?


There’s a lot of things you think you know but actually don’t. The more you learn, the richer and more multilateral the image of something becomes. One cut and sewn can conjure images of the sea, then the sharp gaze of a prisoner, then the attitude of punk rockers. The way clothing can be enjoyed like this shows the rich cultural value of clothing.

Well, I’ve written thus far, but actually, I think the charm of nanamica’s striped cut and sewn is beyond rationalization.


The width of the stripes, the thickness of the color accented rib on the sleeves, the rather wide body, and moderately fitted neck. Each detail is optimal and balanced, so that it doesn’t look childish like some stripes could. When you wear it, it simply just looks cool.



There are two different widths of the stripes. The Regular stripes come in the authentic color combinations Black × White and Navy × White as well as Brown x Charcoal. The Pin stripes come in Charcoal and Navy.


The width of the stripes is important, and has been decided after many trials. The fabric carefully woven using a fleece knitting machine is comfortable against the skin, and has stiffness while being soft so that the relaxed silhouette comes out beautifully. It uses COOLMAX®️ cotton, so that it is quick drying and moisture absorbent. COOL would make it have a cooling image, but the UFO shape polyester modified cross-fiber material doesn’t transfer body temperature, so that it is also really comfortable as innerwear for the winter.


The soft and extra fine border stripe has an elegant feel. It is highly stretchy, and has the texture of a high quality Italian knit garment. It uses our usual covering core yarn, and needless to say, is very fast drying.


Freedom of clothing isn’t just about avant-garde designs and complex combinations. It is nice to mindlessly throw something on, or to learn about the history and think about it. Discovering what you find to be truly valuable in ultimate authentic clothing is probably the most satisfying, quiet kind of freedom.


COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee (SUHS116_) $130.00 + tax

Crew Neck L/S Stripe Tee (SUHF164_) $180.00 + tax