About nanamica clothes Vol. 23 How to touch light.

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Before ending his short life of 29 years, the Taisho period poet Jukichi Yagi continued to write poetry that seemed to illuminate his life.

“I wish to keep my feelings beautiful. I wish to keep feeling like a flower. I will not seek a reward. I wish to keep being the most beautiful that I can be.”

This poem titled “Wish” that Yagi wrote on his sick bed is infused with his strength of remaining noble and in tune with nature. Are we capable of receiving this baton, shaped by intention and creativity?

Let’s talk about clothes. To wear something is to make a choice of the relationship between your outer and inner self. The clothes of nanamica is simple, easy to wear, and well-thought out in terms of shape and function. However, even before that, what we hold true and dear is the “relationship with nature.” We think this is a sense of value that is very different from other brands.

This fabric lets light pass through and wind through too, making us feel closer to the new season unfolding around us. It was developed based on the technique called karami ori (“karami weave”) that is used to make the fabric of robes worn by Buddhist monks. The fabric composition is 84% polyester, 11% cotton, 5% linen, which makes it very light and cool, which you’ll notice immediately when you pass your arms through the sleeves. It is a valuable item to have in the hot and humid climate of Japan.

The beautiful matte silver double zip subtly makes a statement. There are some people who have never given a thought about differences in zippers, but for others, the accumulation of these small details is what makes choosing clothes fun. Paying attention to the smallest details will open you up to a much deeper enjoyment of fashion.

The pocket has a three-dimensional turn-flap that is often seen on marine wear. It doesn’t have a fastener but still prevents contents of the pocket from falling out. The details born by carefully studying functionality can especially be appreciated in daily life.

The button sleeves, the beautiful sewing of the back of the hem. A rugged item is made special with technique and ideas. It is not fancy but you’ll know that it is special when you wear it. We are wearing this item of clothing at the very forefront of history, which is like possessing a gift from the past. To have respect for traditional techniques and to finish a product to the highest standards at this point in time…  the answer to how to understand the changing times and the true nature of human beings can be found in this item.

A few months before passing away, Jukichi Yagi wrote, “Let me be the most beautiful that I have even been.” Now 90 years later, this thought is passed to us through one book. Techniques and ideas about clothes is also something that continues and is passed on to the future. Look at the light passing through the karami ori fabric and let us ponder how precious the continuing history of mankind is.


Karami Crew Jacket (SUAS322U) / $490.00 USD