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Many people have a memorable adventure story deep in their hearts. Do you know the book “My Father’s Dragon”? The main character Elmer arrives at an unknown island, and rescues a baby dragon by being creative with rubber brands and toothbrushes and other mundane things. This story of courage and wisdom is like a metaphor for the history of humankind, which evolved by using tools. Clothing is indeed an important tool that was born from the accumulation of generations of human wisdom. Each pocket, each sewing method has a story behind it of our ancestors,and each has its reasons and technique. Nanamica reflects back on this long history to create clothing for today. 

The main feature of this shirt jacket is definitely the material. It is sweat-absorbing fast-drying ALPHADRY® with added KODENSHI®︎ functionality.

KODENSHI®︎ is a functional material that enables natural body temperature controlby reflecting back the wearer’s own body heat (far infrared rays). By maintaining a comfortable temperature, it is thought to be able to support the recovery of physicl and mental fatigue.

The hidden zip pocket on the right chest has a stoic and minimal design. The inside has a wireless earphone sized pocket.

The left chest has two rows of pockets as seen on workshirts and coveralls.
The top row is a vertically long pocket that can hold items such as smartphones and eyewear, and the inside is lined with polyester suede which can protect the lense.

The sublte difference in hem length is so that your back doesn’t become exposed when sitting down and working. The sleeve’s minimal design is beautiful. While whittling down on the details, work and military details are found throughout the jacket so that it doesn’t feel bland. It is an exquisite balance of simplicity and design.

Light to wear, with a design for the urban environment. Definite functionality. One simple item of clothing has so much wisdom and ideas from the past to present packed in. How to wear it is up to you. This special item is sure to be there for you when you go out to make new discoveries and challenges in your daily life.


ALPHADRY Shirt Jacket(SUAS312U) / $370.00 USD