ABOUT NANAMICA CLOTHES VOL. 20 “Continuing the Standard.”

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Last year, we introduced the down jacket like this.  At nanamica, the lineup every season doesn’t completely become new, but oftentimes, standard items are continuously released over multiple seasons. There may be little updates to some items, while there are items that have been so perfected that not a thing is changed. Come to think, isn’t it the proper way that a brand should be, to have new items that reflect the mood of the season, alongside standard items that have evolved with updates over many years? The down jacket mentioned earlier was in such a state of completeness that nothing needed to be changed. People that own it and wore it will surely nod and agree. Well in 2022, based on this down, a new outerwear was created. It is the GORE-TEX long down coat.



Long hem. Fishtail. The design is based on the US Army M-1951 parka shell. While maintaining the rough military image, attention was given to the smallest details, and it was sewn together with the utmost care. The volume of down wear and the solid texture of the material makes it a completely new item. The outer material is waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX fabrics, and the down is special KODENSHI®️ down, which contains high purity ultra-fine ceramic particles, which keeps the body warm by reflecting the far infrared rays emitted by the wearer’s body. It has the same specs as the jacket.

Please read about the special properties of KODENSHI®️ down here, but the comfort of maintaining your own body heat cannot be felt through text, nor can it really be experienced just by trying it on. You have to experience it physically in your daily life.



The careful sewing and beautiful balance show how high the level of manufacturing is that nanamica has had in place for many years. Fashion cannot be completely cut off from trends, but in the background is the technology accumulated over a long time by professionals in this craft, and the sharing of mutual trust between people. This is not something that can be made overnight.



The back of the neck and the part near your mouth when you zip the collar all the way up is lined with fleece. It has an exquisite fit, and the parts that touch the skin are soft while fuzz-resistant, and the back of the neck is resistant to becoming dirty. Many nanamica staff own the down jacket, and that’s really understandable. It is rare to find a jacket that is of such a high level of completion.



The cuff has ribbing, which prevents cold air from entering. It is not too tight nor too loose, so that you can wear gloves comfortably and the cuff doesn’t get out of place. It is just really thoughtfully designed. You can read all about the specs or search Instagram hashtags, but you cannot really know how it feels to wear it. Only those that own it can know this feeling, which is the true joy of clothing.



This winter is supposed to be really cold. If you hear what the weather forecaster has to say and feel anxious, maybe you should go out and look for some new winter outerwear. If you feel happy or excited about it, you’re already on your way to knowing the joy. In any case, if you have this down coat hanging from your rack, you will look forward to winter. Every year some sizes get sold out quickly, so it is a good idea to go early to try them on.


GORE-TEX Long Down Coat (SUBF277U) $1,230.00 USD