ABOUT NANAMICA CLOTHES VOL. 19 “Because we are living creatures.”

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You are now reading this sentence. Through vision (or by using a dictation function) you are inputting the meaning of the words displayed on your device into your brain. In our society where digitization is accelerating, information is changing continuously. SNS, NFT, crypto assets, VTuber… the keywords that represent the changes in information are countless. It is probably not just a few of us for whom the thing most touched every day is the smooth cold surface of the smartphone. In such a way of life, the sense that “humans are organisms” comes to be very weak. Blood courses through our bodies, and our skin is warm. Humans are too alive to live completely in a digital world.



That’s why we think it is very natural for a warm, organic material like merino wool to feel so good against our skin. For example, merino wool is a very familiar and useful material for hikers. It doesn’t develop a smell even when worn consecutively for days. It is lighter than cotton and is very thermal and quick drying. Especially for hikers of the “ultra-light” hiking style, it is a most fundamental, essential material. Using merino wool that has such properties, nanamica has created a football T-shirt.



It has a bold, trend-free classic football T-shirt silhouette, and the material is washable wool jersey. Low count wool is given a milled finish so that it has moderate thickness and stiffness. Milled finish is a process whereby fabric is dampened, beaten, and kneaded, then the fuzzy surface made smooth. Compared to fabric that was smooth to begin with, milled finish fabric retains more air in the surface and is light and warm, with a unique texture. Further, giving it a scale-off finish makes the fabric fuzz-resistant and washable. Wool knitwear is ubiquitous and popular. It can be found anywhere in the world. However, it is quite rare to find the perfect knitwear that is really comfortable to wear, looks cool, and is easy to care for. Not to mention, football T-shirt shaped knitwear is rare to begin with.



The unique melange texture feels great against the skin. This is the kind of clothes that you get to know its true value over time, after wearing it countless times and making it a part of your daily life.



Choosing clothing and wearing it is a very analog act. The way it feels against the skin, the coolness when you feel the wind through the fabric… We live in a visual-dominant world, but let's try to be aware of all the other senses too. Being keen to the five senses is surely a key to living a happy life. Let’s continue to be aware of all of our senses for living.


Merino Wool Football Shirt (SUHF290U)  $230.00 USD