About nanamica clothes Vol. 16 “Mornings when you don’t have to choose.”

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Busy is an ambiguous concept. The brain starts feeling busy as choices and decisions accumulate, and fatigue gradually mounts. It is fun to think of what to wear in the morning, but when you can’t spare the effort, it is good to be able to throw something on without having to think too much. For such times, we need standard pieces of clothing that raises your mood and makes your body light.

This Band Collar Wind Shirt is really simple and is a standard item released since 2 years ago. The fabric is a comforting moderately light weight. It uses covering core yarn, which is a kind of yarn with a polyester core wrapped in cotton, so that it dries quickly after washing. It is the perfect balance of being elegant and being able to be worn roughly.



The stand collar neckline is three-dimensional, with the front cross-over part slightly off-set for a casual feel that doesn’t make it too elegant. The neckline is not too tight, so that the neck can appear nice and long.


The shirt is made with a back-stitch placket like a dress shirt, with unexposed stitching, for a simple and plain front. On the back of the hem is the usual phrase, ONCE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The shirt length is slightly long, but the round cut hem is not too deep and not too shallow, so that it won’t look feminine like a dress. It is a perfect balance of elegance with a bit of roughness. It looks complete even when worn on its own.



The small white snap buttons add to the overall minimal impression of the shirt. The feature makes the shirt very easy to put on and off and looks beautiful too. This impression is further enhanced by the fine stitching. The shirt is sewn at a domestic factory specializing in dress shirts. The quality that is the norm for nanamica is founded on the history and longtime effort accumulated by such specialists. This simple shirt was born from the relay of countless people’s good work.


Apparel brands speak for such people’s accumulation of skill and craftsmanship. This attitude of quietly showcasing the maker’s techniques and philosophy is also reflected in the small, discreet logo.



With buttons opened, closed, worn like a T-shirt, on its own, or layered. Having an item of clothing that you can pick up any morning of the 365 different days of the year is very reassuring.


On warm days, pair with shorts. In the winter, wear underneath a coat. Wear this simple shirt, made of an overlap of many people’s good work, while facing my own work. If you have a bit of imagination, one shirt can make you think and feel many things. Even if you throw on the shirt without thinking too much, a good shirt will always encourage you.


Band Collar Wind Shirt (SUGS100U)  $265.00 USD