About nanamica clothes Vol. 14 “It’s like embracing yourself”

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“Drive My Car” by director Ryusuke Hamaguchi won the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Movies by this director are full of memorable lines, and for me, one scene from “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy,” which is a film composed of three short films, has left a particularly strong impression on me.

The line from the scene goes “You yourself have to discover what is good about you. You must continue living, embracing that part.” I am just remembering a little bit from a long scene so the exact wording might be different, but in any case, what was spoken of in that scene expressed a positive strong hope for living.

The feeling of putting your arms through the sleeves of nanamica’s cut and sew knitwear for the first time brings to mind the lines from the movie. The T-shirt made with fabric containing KODENSHI®︎​​​​​​​ ceramics reflects back far infrared rays emitted by the body so that body heat bounces back within the clothes to maintain a constant temperature. That means the most comfortable temperature for your body is maintained; just like embracing yourself to protect yourself. 

The unique comfort and sensation of being enveloped is a special feeling that can only be known to those that have worn this T-shirt. Not too hot, not too cold. The perfect gentleness is there. That gentleness is also in the finest details. The unique pattern with the seam on the center of the back is to prevent seams on the sides that could rub and hurt you. The seam is also made to be as flat as possible, sewn by the flat seamer method, so that it doesn’t get caught or bother you in any way when you’re wearing it. Looking closely at the sewing and silhouette, you will see the determination of nanamica to do things a certain way. 

The reason the back hem is longer than the front is because the human body is often bending forward. Sitting on a chair, facing a desk, typing out these words on a PC, the body is always leaning forward. This fine adjustment of the hem length prevents your back from showing at all times. 

There is a KODENSHI®︎​​​​​​​ label on the back of the hem. You only see the stitches from the front. This idea of making the front of the T-shirt as minimal and clean as possible shows the aesthetic of “being content with enough.”

The T-shirt is the item that we wear the most throughout the year. From mass-produced ones to luxury ones, there exists all kinds of T-shirts in the world. What is the point of newly making this common item? The answer is that there is a comfort and beauty that only nanamica can make. The very normal T-shirt that is created with the power of development, manufacturing base and aesthetic sense that no other brand has, is absolutely comfortable, beautiful, and trustworthy as a tool for your daily life. Undoubtedly, it will help you rediscover what is good and beautiful about yourself. Ostentatious ornamentation is not necessary. Let’s live, embracing what is naturally beautiful about us humans. I hope to cherish this way of thought.


H/S Pocket Tee (SUHS229U) $155.00 USD


L/S Pocket Tee (SUHF178U) $190.00 USD