About nanamica clothes Vol. 12 “Setup to affirm now”

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In his book “Enlightenment Now,” Harvard University professor of psychology Steven Pinker says, “The world is continuing to get better, even if it doesn’t seem so all the time.” The book presents various data to negate pessimism, and makes the case from various angles that the world is becoming a better place as a result of the accumulation of history. Reading it makes you realize that the “now” where you currently stand is a much better place than the past.

That can be said for clothing as well. The tailored setup, one of the signature items of nanamica, uses stretchy KODENSHI®️ ALPHADRY®️ material, and is extremely comfortable to wear. It might be even more comfortable than your pajamas, but worn as a setup, it can be perfectly appropriate for business occasions too. Being able to wear such comfortable clothes in your daily life, no matter what kind of occasion or scene, is surely a great achievement of the history of material development technology.

The easy style setup is established as a standard style that is beyond trends, but nanamica has been offering this style from over 5 years ago, and it is one of the most popular items not only in Japan but overseas too. Currently, nanamica is sold in 23 countries around the world, and in the UK and other European countries, this setup is especially popular. The first time nanamica participated in an overseas trade show was 12 years ago. Since then, nanamica has established deep ties with shops all around Europe that have carried nanamica items for many years, and this setup has been part of the standard lineup. This style, which is loved by many people regardless of nationality or way of thought, is founded on the accumulation of attention to detail, like the reinforcement stitch on the back of the collar.

The new setup released in 2022 uses KODENSHI®️ ALPHADRY®️, an original material developed by nanamica.

KODENSHI®️ is a material that maintains a constant temperature within clothing, and is known to be used for down to maintain warmth, but in fact, because it reflects your body heat to maintain the temperature, it is also useful for clothing in the spring and summer when there can be big fluctuations in temperature. ALPHADRY®️ is a moisture absorbing fast drying material, and the combination of these two materials means that it dries quickly when you sweat, and it maintains your body temperature so you don’t get the chills. On the metro, out in town, in the office, there is a lot of temperature change in city life. The temperature and environment changes every time you move, and humans always perspire. Taking this into consideration, this is a most realistically functional material.

KODENSHI®️ is tiny ceramic particles. Fabric is made by mixing KODENSHI®️ into polyester before it becomes solid, shaping the mixture into yarn, and weaving it.

KODENSHI®️ is a very expensive material that would be mentioned even if 1% is used in a fabric, but the fabric made by nanamica is the optimal version that is the result of countless tests to achieve the perfect balance.

The pants has a basic tapered cut. The inseam has a gusset for wider range of leg movement and comfortable wear. It is an authentic setup that suits the lifestyle and body shape of every individual.

There is a lot of sad news in the world these days, but in order to keep up hope and optimism at all times, it is important to keep healthy and happy in both mind and body. Let’s think about the great big world beyond the ocean, and continue to nurture the intelligence to positively affirm “now.” This setup is for you, the person who has the will to continue updating the future.


ALPHADRY Club Jacket (SUAS218U) $420.00 USD


ALPHADRY Club Pants (SUCS219U) $265.00 USD