About nanamica clothes Vol. 11 “Coveralls by the sea.”

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I heard an interesting story the other day; that the smartphone is the thing that people are touching the most in their daily lives, and from that influence, clothing with a smooth and shiny texture has gotten to sell more. That would be for example nylon, or smooth high density cotton and such. I don’t know the basis of the theory and it could be unrelated for all I know, but it’s true that our fingertips are constantly touching a shiny surface these days. But precisely because of that, we are sometimes attracted to rough textures, and I think it’s important that we don’t forget that humans were originally a part of nature too.

The new coveralls made by nanamica is an expression of exactly that.

By using double-weave material made of a cotton and hemp mixed yarn and polyester, the outside has the rough texture of natural materials, while the underside has the smoothness of polyester.

It has some stiffness so that it doesn’t cling to your skin but rather gently envelops you, which is a wondrous feeling. It is lightweight but not flimsy, with moderate thickness, so that when you put it on, you are filled with the sense of it enveloping you. It is tough and also highly sweat absorbing and fast drying. It is a hybrid material that brings together the strong points of natural and synthetic fiber, which is what nanamica does best.

The roomy silhouette is based on American workwear, but the waist is moderately fitted so that it doesn’t look too rustic and unfashionable. Actually, we’d go so far to say that it has the sexiness of a setup; it’s an item that you can put on and it would make the whole style. You can’t really get away with bad sizing for coveralls, so with these, if you actually try them on, you will find that the length, room, volume around the shoulders and everything feels “just right,” more than you can imagine.


This item of clothing is founded on the fabric. Thanks to the lightweight but stiff cotton hemp, the silhouette doesn’t collapse or get weighed down by its own weight. Of course if you continue to wear it the fabric will get softer over time, but the outline of the beautiful silhouette won’t change much.

Ultimately, every detail is that of workwear. The unbleached fabric tape used on various parts somehow conjures images of the seabreeze, and the snap buttons exude a stoic and reticent mood. At first glance it is simple and clean, but nanamica is adept at adopting designs that are landmarks in the history of fashion. The zipper is a double zip, so that it is convenient when you go to the restroom or when you take the coveralls on and off. The inseam has a gusset that enables wider range of leg movement, a detail often seen in climbing pants, which nanamica utilizes often.

The fabric was jointly developed with hemp fabric brand 〈majotae〉. The brand focuses on the possibility of hemp cloth, which has been around since ancient times, to create contemporary ideas. It is fast drying, strong, stiff, and not too sheer. It is fabric with an exquisite balance, which only nanamica can use. I have such love for this fabric, which was created by planning backwards from the functionality of clothing, and also shows the philosophy of respect for nature.

The slogan of nanamica “ONE OCEAN ALL LANDS” (the ocean is one and the world is connected) is located subtly inside the back. I can’t wait to ponder this slogan while wearing this coverall in the summer in the city, or by the seaside.