About nanamica clothes Vol. 10 “What everyone knows but doesn’t exist anywhere.”

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I want something universal. That is one theory to go by when choosing items. One example of universality when it comes to bags is the canvas tote bag. Why did nanamica bother to recreate this standard bag that has been loved throughout the ages? One answer lies in the material.

The fabric is heavyweight canvas. It uses mixed yarn of cotton and Cordura nylon, and is woven with an extremely tight weave. It is rough but not so much that it is unpleasant to touch. It is an ultimately simple shape, so that the fabric is the decisive factor of the appeal of the bag. It is stiff enough to stand on its own but also feels comfortable on your shoulder or when held by the hand.


It can bear dirt and damage and change expression beautifully with age. It is not a luxury handbag, or rare, or woven in a special way, but we pursued the properties that we thought were important, and the result was the choice to use the process of shuttle-weaving the fabric using mixed cotton and Cordura yarn to create this fabric specially for this tote bag.

The rope that goes across the bag opening is an eye-catching detail. This rope is wax-coated and is useful for adjusting the width of the bag. When you have many things to carry the rope is loosened, and when you have less to hold, it can be tightened. It is also a cute design accent. If used well, it can also be used to stabilize notebooks and files and laptops. The EVA padding on the button also gives the bag stability. The inside has a pocket with a zipper and the top has a fastener closure. When closed, it prevents the contents of the bag from slipping out, and provides security when you’re traveling overseas and walking on unfamiliar streets. It is the perfect choice of bag that you can use anywhere in this great wide world under any sky.

The bag comes in black and natural. Fading with use can be enjoyed for both shades, and both go well with your daily outfits. There are 2 sizes, large and small. The width doesn’t change much but the depth does. Both sizes are made to fit exquisitely well when you hold it, so we hope you will actually get to try holding the bag when choosing. You can hold the bag by the top handle and it won’t touch the ground, and when you put it on your shoulder, the handle isn’t too hard or short so that it would slip off your shoulder or damage your clothes. It just fits right. It is easy to describe in words, but this is actually made possible by a miraculous balance of shape and material.

The tag made of ultra suede is an exquisitely different texture and doesn’t stand out too much. The backside of the tag has the message “ONE OCEAN ALL LANDS (the ocean is one and the world is connected), which are words that are held close to our hearts at nanamica to create items that go beyond national boundaries and differences in ways of thought.


Hit by the sand at the beach, frayed by concrete in the city, bearing sharp notebook corners and stained by pens…. this bag gets more beautiful going through these processes. Multifunctional bags are nice, but the bag that we really end up using every day is a bag like this.

Tote Bag (SUOS206U) $265.00 USD

Tote Bag L (SUOS207U) $340.00 USD