About nanamica clothes Vol. 1  This shirt knows the wind.

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The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” These are the words of architect Louis Kahn. I was greatly moved by this idea that the sun, shining down onto the earth, can be blocked by architectural formations, and in effect, that we are designing “pools of light.” Repeating these words in my mind I gaze at my shirt, and find that it is different from before.

The lightness and relaxed silhouette of the chambray fabric might also exist to feel the “pools of light.” Lighter than denim and more simple than broadcloth, and crisper than cut and sewn fabric. The sight of a chambray shirt blowing in the wind is beautiful, like it is how it is meant to be. Sea breeze, mountain breeze, and also the wind blowing between the buildings in a city, all can be captured by this shirt, which embodies the elegance of the wind.


The nanamica chambray shirt comes in two shapes. First is the work shirt. It has the orthodox shape that everyone thinks of for a work shirt. The silhouette is oversized with plenty of room, with the width and length designed to be oversized, but the fabric is soft with moderate stiffness so that it settles nicely when worn, fitting comfortably to your body in harmony with gravity.


The sense of security of the work shirt comes from the strength of the double-stitch sewing… and such reasons, but I also think it’s something more instinctive. What looks like a regular button is actually a snap button, and intentionally has stitch work. Without this stitchwork, something would feel missing. Respecting the original and updating it to modern times to pursue greater comfort, expanding the range that the clothing can be used. It sounds simple in words, but to actually do it is like putting a thread through a needle. This small detail represents this stoic work ethic of nanamica.


The front has a woven brand label with the words “ONE OCEAN ALL LANDS.” It has details like a classic American shirt.


The other shirt shape has a band collar. The silhouette is also relaxed, with yoke design in the back so that it is more three-dimensional than the chambray and the silhouette has a bit more roundness. The length is set rather long, but not so much that it could look like a dress. If the work shirt is American, this is European. The roots of the band collar is in Europe, so they say. 


The buttons are all snap buttons, but have a unique donut-like appearance, which fits naturally to the design. It is easy to open and close, with the added benefit that it is highly durable.

The logo is embroidered discreetly on the left midsection area. It is good that it isn’t too obvious what it says at first glance. It would give a much different impression if it were on the chest or sleeve. The buttons, embroidery, and other distinctive details all don’t get in the way of the clothing design and harmonize with each other.


Both shirts use the special yarn called covering core yarn. If you just twist together cotton and polyester, the resulting yarn would show some of the more synthetic characteristics of polyester, but by wrapping cotton around polyester, the look and feel is just cotton. The reason this painstaking process is done is to maintain the classic texture of cotton while making the material more quick drying and comfortable to wear.


Wear everyday. Wash, and dry quickly. And it looks great. Realizing this simple but highly challenging feat is the result of layers of developmental history and the sensibility of the creators. However, the clothing at nanamica doesn’t boast this. The true merit of an item of clothing can only be known by the person that wears it, like a beautiful little secret. This universal and stoic shirt can be worn from the end of summer till the beginning of the next, and it will start to tell you itself about its true value as you put it on every day.


We still can’t go out as we want to, and there is much uncertainty in our everyday lives. It’s hard to even make the occasion to wear the chambray shirt and enjoy it in the breezy outdoors. That’s actually precisely why the clothing that we put on everyday can give us the strength and support we need. I believe so. If I wear this shirt, I will be able to envision the refreshing comfortable breeze that blows there.


Regular Collar Wind Shirt (SUGF157_) $290.00 + tax

Band Collar Wind Shirt (SUGS133_) $310.00 + tax