nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 11 “Clothes for travels”


Travelling in the spring makes me want to go and explore somewhere new.

It feels good to become a complete outsider for a change, meeting strangers, eating unfamiliar foods, being moved by scenery seen for the first time.
Maybe Tora san felt this way on his wandering travels too.


Not to copy him or anything but on my first trip to Kurashiki, I wore a jacket and pants setup.

The roomy shape is nice and relaxed, and reflects the Setouchi sun beautifully.

It is also somehow reminiscent of casual kimono style and feels just right to wear in the old Edo town.


This outfit is so fun to wear, so I think I’ll go make several more rounds of the Bikan Historical Quarter.


Club Jacket


Referring to fresco wool often used for suits and jackets, we developed Hopsack fabric with original material.

The fabric has elegant drape and dry hand feeling, as well as highly breathable and wrinkle-resistant functionality.

The jacket is sewn together at a workwear factory in Okayama using a back chain stitch sewing machine, with puckering intentionally created.

The finish gives the jacket a natural feel.

The collar has a throat tab for as a coverall jacket.

To note, Hopsack refers to the hemp sack used to transport “hop,” one of the main ingredients of beer.

The fabric gets its name because it resembles the woven texture of the sack.


Club Pants


The club pants are also made in Hopsack fabric used for the jacket.
The rise is deep, and the wide tapered silhouette is based on the wool pants and work pants worn by US army generals.

The pants are also sewn together with a back chain stitch sewing machine, with intentional puckering for added texture.

It is resistant to wrinkles even if you move around a lot, and easy to wear for both casual and formal styling.


Club Jacket

Club Pants


The streetscape of towns that the Shogunate directly governed over is neat and beautiful to this day, and classic check pattern matches it nicely.

Hopsack fabric is pre-dyed with a check pattern, and both wool and polyester is used to enhance the coloring.
Solid beige fabric is used here and there as an accent color, such as on the throat tab and pockets.

The natural feel of the puckering of fabric surface created by the back-chain stitch sewing machine is also attractive.

It’s a setup that looks good against the sunset.


Club Jacket

Wide Pants


It’s made of hybrid fabric that has polyester woven into cotton hemp created by the hemp cloth fabric brand < majotae >, and it’s light and comfortable.

It is highly moisture absorbing and breathable too so in case it rains, it dries quickly.

The technique of double weave creates a fabric with a cotton and hemp surface that has a pleasant cooling sensation and a backside of polyester that is slippery smooth, making for an interesting texture to enjoy.

In place of a Haramaki, you can put all your essentials in the inner pocket.