This vista, here now, enduring across boundless time,
is an immensity that clears minds and lifts spirits.
I want to spend busy days in the comfort I feel
when facing the sea with Nanamica’s clothes.
Simple, functional, always comfortable.


Layer lightly
Featuring elements of a Harrington jacket, including a dog-ear collar and ribbed hem, this outdoor vest is constructed from recycled nylon taffeta, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear. The distinctive red color, woven with black weft yarns and post-dyed, has a depth that creates dramatic shadows on its surface.

Zip Up Wind Vest [SUAS412U]  $350.0+tax
KODENSHI Pocket Tee [SUHS419U]  $200.0+tax
Wind Shorts [SUDS407U]   $300.0+tax


Inspired by sailing parkas worn on yachts, our Wind Parka hints of a classical mood. Yacht sheet-like drawcords on the neck and hem add playful accents. The outer surface of the recycled nylon taffeta has an environment-friendly, fluorine-free water repellent finish. Pair it with shorts for a sportier look.

Zip Up Wind Parka [SUAS411U] $460.0+tax
Wind Shorts [SUDS407U] $300.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax


Easy like always
Based on a hunting jacket, the Band Collar Jacket exudes simplicity and relaxation. Its outer material is a broadcloth composed of a recycled polyester core wrapped in organic cotton - Nanamica’s staple “covering core yarn.” The mesh lining is pre-washed to give the entire jacket a soft finish and just the right degree of volume.

Band Collar Jacket [SUAS409U] $520.0+tax
S/S Sweat [SUHS410U] $260.0+tax
KODENSHI Shorts [SUDS403U] $290.0+tax
GORE-TEX Chukka Boots [SUSF350U] $610.0+tax


Feel-good wear
The rough texture of popcorn knitting works in harmony with the loose form of this sweater. The thick yarn made from a blend of washi yarn and polyester is used to create a breathable, fresh-feeling garment, while its combination of saddle-sleeve front and yoke-sleeve back provides ease of movement for shoulders and arms in the chunky knit.

Popcorn Sweater [SUHS405U] $610.0+tax
Deck Shorts [SUDS405U] $290.0+tax


Keep it light
Taking as inspiration the double-breasted blazer once favored by jazz musicians, our New Port Jacket updates the classic form as well as the position and shape of the pockets so that it can be worn more casually. Shell buttons add a nautical accent. The pants are constructed of the same weather cloth material, which is a blend of covering core yarn and linen.

New Port Jacket [SUAS408U] $630.0+tax
Open Collar Panama S/S Shirt [SUGS410U] $250.0+tax
Ivy Pants [SUCS407U] $430.0+tax
GORE-TEX Chukka Boots [SUSF350U] $610.0+tax


Black at the sea
A simple jacket accented with a stand collar. Wear it oversized for a contemporary look. The wool/linen fabric has a texture that’s expressive even in black. The reversible design with removable change buttons allows you to enjoy the navy side as well. If you want to keep it all black, pair the jacket with our coordinating black pants.

Wool Linen Jacket [SUAS405U] $520.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax
Wool Linen Pants [SUCS404U]  $400.0+tax


The ALPHADRY® Crew Jacket and Easy Pants are made of an original Nanamica material that combines ALPHADRY® with KODENSHI® for excellent sweat-absorbing, fast-drying and stretch properties. KODENSHI® fiber works by reflecting back your body heat to maintain a natural warmth inside your clothes. Even in environments where temperatures change rapidly, these pieces can be relied on to keep you comfortable for a long time.

ALPHADRY Crew Jacket [SUAF351U] $410.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax
ALPHADRY Wide Easy Pants [SUCF351U] $300.0+tax
GORE-TEX Hat [SUPF032U] $140.0+tax


The clothes of Nanamica

It has been 20 years since I founded Nanamica. Today, although it’s not a big brand, Nanamica is worn by people all over the world, and that makes me feel the reality of the brand’s 20 year-history. Yet, people I meet for the first time still ask, "What kind of brand is it?" So let me introduce Nanamica once again.
Nanamica is a brand that strives to mix the functionality of sportswear with contemporary fashion without compromise, supporting comfortable and stylish everyday life. Drawing on my 18 years of experience in designing outdoor wear beginning in 1983 up to the brand’s birth, I still aim to create clothing that is just right for daily wear, durable enough to be enjoyed as long as possible.
While it may seem like we always make similar clothes, we are constantly pursuing the creation of just-right clothing for the times. We use subtly upgraded materials, adjusting the fit little by little, all in the pursuit of clothing that fits well with the era. Ultimately, we believe that the wearer should be the protagonist, and clothing should serve as a tool to support him/her.
The 24SS catalog, expressed by stylist Akio Hasegawa, features the seasonal colors of red and green, with black as the core for Summer Dark.
We hope you can feel the everyday comfort and the fresh atmosphere of the season.

Eiichiro Homma Founder / Managing Director



In synch with the street
Inspired by jackets that were popular in 1980s American West Coast youth culture. The characteristic cap shoulder has a functional design with ventilation at the back of the yoke. The weather cloth is made of 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton and has been treated with an environmentally friendly non-fluorine water-repellent finish.

Cadet Jacket [SUAS407U] $480.0+tax
S/S Polo Shirt [SUHS418U] $200.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax
KODENSHI Work Pants [SUCS405U] $370.0+tax
Wind Hat [SUPS402U] $140.0+tax


By sea, by day
A fresh take on a sports jacket popular in the UK, re-imagined in a crew style. The outer material is a 2-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX Fabrics hat is highly waterproof and breathable. An inner wind guard at your waist reduces the intrusion of cold air. Match it with black pants and shoes made of different materials for an original look.

GORE-TEX Crew Jacket [SUAS403U] $900.0+tax
Sweat Pants [SUCF362U] $330.0+tax
GORE-TEX Chukka Boots [SUSF350U] $610.0+tax

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat [SUBF263U] $1,280.0+tax
L/S Mock Neck Tee [SUHS309U] $150.0+tax
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants [SUCS305U] $250.0+tax

GORE-TEX Crew Jacket [SUAS403U] $900.0+tax
Sweat Pants [SUCF362U] $330.0+tax
GORE-TEX Chukka Boots [SUSF350U] $610.0+tax


This Balmacaan coat is distinguished by a loose fit and A-line silhouette. Raglan sleeves draw a smooth curve at the shoulders. A large collar and long length give it a classic feel. The outer material is a two-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX Fabrics and the lining is cotton/COOLMAX® in our blue house check pattern.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat [SUBF263U] $1,280.0+tax
L/S Mock Neck Tee [SUHS309U] $150.0+tax
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants [SUCS305U] $250.0+tax

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat [SUBF263U] $1,280.0+tax
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants [SUCS305U] $250.0+tax


All in black
The women's Balmacaan coat falls just below the knees and features a shape that flares beautifully toward the hem. The fabric is the same as the men’s coat, with excellent waterproofing and breathability to cope with sudden changes in temperature and the weather. The twill, woven with warp and weft yarns of different colors, has an elegant, subtle sheen. Be playful and make it part of an all-black ensemble.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat [SUBF263U] $1,280.0+tax
Hooded Pullover Sweat [SUHF352U] $340.0+tax
Cargo Pants [SUCS303U] $370.0+tax
GORE-TEX Chukka Boots [SUSF350U] $610.0+tax

Bathe in the sea breeze
The volume of the collar and sleeves combined with the lightness of its short length creates a fresh balance. Based on a mountain parka, our Hooded Jacket borrows details from military wear. A wide front overlap improves windproofing. The outer fabric is 65/35 weather cloth, densely woven with yarns made of environmentally friendly materials.

Hooded Jacket [SUAF370U] $500.0+tax
Pow Skirt [SUES402U] $330.0+tax


To cherish
A one-piece with a relaxed form and beautiful silhouette that sways in the breeze. The unique fluffy fabric is woven with care on an old shuttle loom using a process that takes a long period of time. Tightly twisted yarn is used for the warp, and nep yarn is used for the weft, giving the dress a rustic feel. A perfect piece for a relaxing holiday.

Cotton Nep Pullover Dress [SUFS400U] $560.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax


A club jacket that can be worn casually as a coverall. The denim jacket inside is based on a simplified design seen in the 1940s, but with a looser fit and slightly shorter length. The fabric is an original Nanamica denim that is lightweight, durable, quick-drying, and ages nicely naturally over time.

Club Jacket [SUAS404U] $610.0+tax
Short Denim Jacket [SUAS402U] $500.0+tax
L/S Mock Neck Tee [SUHS309U] $150.0+tax
KODENSHI Sweat Pants [SUCS418U] $310.0+tax


Stay freshened
A shirt to be enjoyed in a bold, oversized style. The combination of an open collar and drop shoulders gives a feeling of ease. The soft, pliable fabric is a blend of cupra and hemp, and has excellent moisture wicking properties. Like a coach jacket, you can adjust the hem with a drawcord.

Open Collar Cupra Hemp Shirt [SUGS415U] $410.0+tax
Club Pants [SUCS403U] $380.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF377U] $96.0+tax


Flowers like birds
The Cupra Hemp Aloha Shirt Dress is loose and supple to let sea breezes flow through. Inspired by dresses of the 1960s, the arrangement of its collar and sleeves reflects that era. A cord lets you adjust the waist. The motif that seems to dance over the surface is the bird of paradise flower. The image of the flower illuminated by the dim light of dawn was painted by Kohei Kamihoriuchi, who designs signboards among other things.

Cupra Hemp Aloha Shirt Dress [SUFS401U] $610.0+tax
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Camisole [SUHF262U] $68.0+tax



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Producer: Eiichiro Homma
Stylist / Creative Director: Akio Hasegawa
Photographer: Seishi Shirakawa
Hair and Make-up: Kenichi Yaguchi
Writer: Yasuyuki Takase
Translator: A&E Communications (Translation) Inc.
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