nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 42 Suezen and washi knit

In Daikanyama, when it comes to lunch, "Suezen" is the place to go. This longstanding diner, which opened in 1968, always serves delicious meals that leave a lasting impression. The unpretentious atmosphere of the restaurant is also fantastic.

As the weather has become considerably warmer, a lightweight knit would be just right. The key point is that it features paneling similar to a football shirt, rather than having a full-on striped pattern.

On this day as well, I opted for the Grilled Mackerel Set Meal (1,100 yen). The mackerel arrived with a crispy skin and a tender, perfectly cooked flesh. The sizzling sound of the freshly grilled fish filled the air as it was served. The white rice had a delightful fragrance, and it paired exceptionally well with the flavorful fatty mackerel. The classic side dishes such as tamagoyaki and sautéed burdock root, along with the well-seasoned miso soup, were all delicious, making me eagerly reach for my chopsticks.

Suezen continues to impress with its delicious food and the kind and attentive service of the staff. I'm grateful that such a wonderful place exists in Daikanyama.

20-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


~ What are the functional materials used in the knitwear? ~
The knit fabric is made from a blend of washi (Japanese paper) and polyester yarn, as well as ramie and nylon yarn, which are twisted together. This jersey knit provides a lightweight and cool sensation while also offering quick-drying properties, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The tightly knitted stitches contribute to an understated elegant texture.

Paper Knit Stripe Crew [SUJS346] $370.00 USD
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee [SUHF145] $85.00 USD
Track Pants [SUCS338] $320.00 USD

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