nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 17 "Clothing that breathes."


When someone I look up to invites me to sushi, what to wear? To look like your 

everyday self with just a little bit more effort put in, I think wearing a jacket is just the right touch.



Club Jacket in BREATH TUNE material $490.00 (+tax) SUAF001_

Club Pants in the same BREATH TUNE material as the jacket $290.00 (+tax) SUCF003_



It’s fun to have dinner with someone I look up to because I get to hear all kinds of stories that I usually don’t get to.

But I do have to take care to be on good behavior, so I want my pants at least to be as stress-free as possible.

It gives me satisfaction when the pants I’m wearing are nicely tapered and the texture is high quality, as I think it makes me look like a smart colleague that is good at his job.



Club Pants in BREATH TUNE material

​​​​​​​$290.00 (+tax) SUCF003_



If I think too much and try to plan ahead about what to ask and talk about, I end up not being able to mention even one hundredth of it.

So I think to myself, let’s relax and have fun, and put all my stuff in my pockets. I’ll let the rest just go with the flow.



Club Jacket in BREATH TUNE material.

The chest and both sides of the hip have box pockets, which is a design motif from the US Army general uniform.

$490.00 (+tax) SUAF001_



While I wait, I use the portable hand-held fan that I have from the summer.

I still carry it around on days when the sun is strong, but this setup is extremely comfortable, so maybe it’s about time I put it away for the season.



Utility Jacket in BREATH TUNE material

$420.00 (+tax) SUAF002_


Easy Pants in the same BREATH TUNE material as the jacket

$320.00 (+tax) SUCF004_



The coffee stand where I just had a cup of coffee started using cashless payment, which is actually really convenient.

My wallet has become quite compact, so as long as I have a big pocket, I can walk around town with everything I need. 



Utility Jacket in BREATH TUNE material.

The inside can be accessed from the fastener on the side of the front pocket.

$420.00 (+tax) SUAF002_


The wind is chilly on the way to the shop.

It is not nice to wear too many layers and look bulky and it’s certainly unhealthy to usher a will of steel and keep on wearing thin layers in the cold, so I’m glad I have these roomy and warm pants.

Let’s go with wide pants this winter too. 


Easy Pants in BREATH TUNE material.

Wider than the Club Pants, the hem is cropped and the inseam has a gusset for easy mobility.

$320.00 (+tax) SUCF004_




​​​​A breathable material developed independently by nanamica that features hybrid functionality of both natural and high-tech materials.

The inside of the fabric uses specially treated merino wool, which absorbs moisture in high humidity conditions and releases moisture in dry conditions.

It is naturally breathable, keeping the wearer comfortable.

The surface of the fabric is made of nylon/polyurethane, which is wind-tight, water-repellent and also highly-durable.

It also has a stretch to it, which help fit your body and provide freedom of movement.

It is a new, machine-washable, easy-to-care-for material.