nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 13 “T-shirt and sweater”

I always find myself debating whether to bring a jacket when going to a museum.

I don’t want the air conditioning to bother me, but I also want to enjoy the art with hands free.
But today I’m all set, as I’m visiting the Ohara Museum of Art that I’ve always wanted to go to.

First, I wore nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX® Jersey Tee, which dries sweat quickly.
Over my shoulders is a sweater in case I get cold. It is incredibly light and doesn’t get in my way at all.

I switched between wearing it and taking it off easily as I took in the beauty of Western art.

The small coffee shop next door that I stopped by for a quick rest was named “El Greco,” the name of the artist of “Annunciation” that I had just seen.
What a cool name, I think to myself, as I order a milk shake and castella.


Maybe the reason my body feels warm is because I’m excited from seeing all the Monets, Mattisses and Picassos, the art of the great masters that I’d only seen in textbooks before. But I’m not sweaty.

It seems the white T-shirt I wore underneath is dispersing perspiration.
The navy T-shirt I layered over it is soft and super comfortable.
Even though I walked around so much, my clothes don’t stick to my back or anything.

I feel like I can keep going and going, so decide to take a look at the annex too.
But first, I must attend to the castella in front of me.


nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX® Jersey Tee

Standard jersey T-shirt that can be worn all year round.
The fabric with great skin feel is woven in 50/50 Cotton and COOLMAX®︎ mixed yarn.
It is slowly woven on a loop wheel machine from over half a century ago using only the weight of the yarn itself, which creates a soft and airy fabric.

The machine enables weaving in tubular form so there are no stitches on the sides, letting the shirt fit the body naturally.


Crew Neck Sweater

Crew neck sweater woven in 100% polyester “Lily yarn.”
The mesh is very tightly woven so that when worn, it takes on a nice three-dimensionality. 

It is a simple design but the collar area was made to have volume for accent.
It looks like a thick sweater but is actually very light-weight and can be worn easily like a sweatshirt.
It is also very quick drying.


“El Greco” was built in the year Taisho 14 (1925) originally as an office to manage the Ohara family property.

The design is by Kazue Yakushiji, who also designed the Ohara Museum.
The ivy covering the outer walls, the brick counter, tall elongated windows, everything is the same as its original days.

The light coming in through the windows is so gentle and pleasant, it makes you want to stay for a long time.
After I calmed down from the excitement of the art viewing, I put on my sweater again.
The softness and warmth seem unbelievable for polyester, and I think how perfect it is for this occasion.

OK, I definitely need to come back again to relax another time.
I straighten out the hem of my sweater and leave the coffee shop.