nanamica 2023 Fall and Winter

The border between the sea and sky blurs in the far distance.
I could gaze forever at this scenery which seems to speak to my soul.
ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.
We would like to deliver nanamica to faraway places, beyond the horizon.
We have clothes that will protect you from the increasingly cold wind
and from sudden rain
keeping you comfortable by the sea and in town.



Blocks out rain and wind.

Balmacaan coat with relaxed fit, longish length, and A-line shape. Raglan sleeves create a smooth curve from the top of the shoulders. The outer material is waterproof and breathable 2-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX fabrics. The inner lining is cotton/COOLMAX®︎ with a check pattern in the brand color blue. 

Just this single layer is enough.

This shirt is lightweight but highly thermal. It uses a combination of broad cloth made of covering core yarn with a polyester core covered in cotton, and padding of PRIMALOFT®︎ Black Insulation made of recycled material. The dot buttons that are easy to snap open and closed gives the shirt a simple design accent.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1280.00+tax [SUBF263U]
Insulation Shirt Jacket  $435.00+tax [SUAF355U]
KODENSHI Turtle Neck L/S Tee $235.00+tax [SUHF366U]
ALPHADRY Wide Easy Pants $320.00+tax [SUCF351U]


A coat with a good expression.

The women’s Balmacaan coat has a silhouette that gently spreads out towards the hem. The outer material and lining use the same functional material as the men’s coat. The relaxed sizing comes to life with the supple texture of the fabric, making the coat comfortable to wear as well as expressive. The blue check pattern lining makes a fresh contrasting design accent.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1280.00+tax [SUBF263U]
KODENSHI Mesh Crew Neck Sweater $395.00+tax [SUHF367U]
ALPHADRY Wide Pants $320.00+tax [SUCF363U]
WINDSTOPPER Beanie $125.00+tax [SUPF355U]


Keeping warm with your own body heat. 

Down jacket with shortish length, featuring a stand collar and yoke sleeves. KODENSHI down®︎ reflects back your own body heat (far infrared rays) so that natural warmth is maintained. Further, the outer material is 2-layer polyester GORE-TEX fabrics, which doesn’t let in rain while also preventing moisture buildup on the inside. 

GORE-TEX Short Down Jacket $970.00+tax [SUAF354U]
Cotton Wool Twill Track Pants $435.00+tax [SUCF358U]
WINDSTOPPER Beanie $125.00+tax [SUPF355U]


At the seaside and in the office.

The crew jacket and tapered pants use original fabric made of sweat-absorbing fast-drying ALPHADRY®︎ containing KODENSHI®︎. Even in conditions of large temperature difference, it prevents uncomfortable moisture buildup while maintaining natural warmth. It is easy to move in and crease-resistant, making it suitable for both outdoors and office environments.

ALPHADRY Crew Jacket $435.00+tax [SUAF351U]
Regular Collar Stripe Wind Shirt $330.00+tax [SUGF362U]
COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee $148.00+tax [SUHF374U]
ALPHADRY Club Pants $310.00+tax [SUCF350U]


Military style, your own way.

Pants in the image of military Gurkha pants. You can style the relaxed silhouette to your own taste. The high-density parachute cloth is woven with a shuttle weave machine using covering core yarn composed of a wool core wrapped in cotton. The material makes the pants both thermal and lightweight. 

What to wear daily.

Double breasted jacket with a distinctive long length. It gives a fresh look when matched with various items and can be worn over outfits like a coat too. The expressive fabric mainly composed of wool is elegant but also can be worn in a relaxed way. It is moisture absorbing and breathable and prevents uncomfortable moisture buildup inside of clothes.

Double Breasted Wool Jacket $970.00+tax [SUAF353U]
Band Collar Wind Shirt $320.00+tax [SUGF361U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $105.00+tax [SUHF377U]
Cotton Wool Gurkha Pants $520.00+tax [SUCF359U]


It makes you want to head to the sea.

Zip up sweater in the image of classic outdoor wear. Wool fabric is woven in a combination of a chunky sweater and fleece, giving a rugged and cozy look a unique surface texture that is rough like fleece. The pattern switch design of the shoulders and sleeves is simple but flattering. It is outerwear that can be relied on to block out the cold ocean wind. 

Boiled Wool Zip Up Sweater $630.00+tax [SUAF364U]
Cotton Wool Twill Track Pants $435.00+tax [SUCF358U]
KODENSHI Cashmere Neck Gaiter $235.00+tax [SUKF351U]


In my free time.

Oversized all-in-one in the image of American work wear. The cotton/wool twill material is woven in a way to have soft to the touch on the outer surface, warm wool on the back surface that touches your skin.

Merino Wool Football Shirt $395.00+tax [SUHF372U]
Cotton Wool Twill All In One  $700.00+tax [SULF350U]
KODENSHI Cashmere Neck Gaiter $235.00+tax [SUKF351U]


I hope that people can look at our catalog and relate to the wonderful feeling of looking out at the ocean. 

20 years have passed since starting nanamica. It was 5 initial members back in 2003. Of them, 3 were product planning. We were just so busy making clothes that we didn’t have any time or energy left to make catalogs. After a year, we made our first shop in Daikanyama. Then, we finally made a homepage. The first time we took photos and made a catalog was 2009. We still didn’t have enough staff then, so all we did was just put GORE-TEX outerwear onto mannequins and shoot pictures.
The first time we made a look book was in 2014. We wanted people to simply look at our clothes, so we did a very simple shoot at a studio with white walls and blue floor.
The brand name nanamica comes from a word that we made up meaning “house of the seven seas,” because the founding members all loved the ocean, but then eventually I started to realize that we were starting to be perceived as an outdoor wear brand. In 2018, we wanted to start telling people that we loved the ocean, so we made a catalog shot against the background of the ocean. Since then for 6 years, we continued to shoot every season on location at the seaside, and finally it seems people started to connect the image of the ocean with nanamica.
This season we made our catalog as environmentally friendly as possible, using paper, printing, and binding materials that are environmentally responsible.
I hope that people can look at our catalog and relate to the wonderful feeling of looking out at the ocean.


Eiichiro Homma Founder / Managing Director


Even more relaxed.

Oversized jacket that can be worn in a relaxed way. It is a reconstruction of the jackets used by the US Airforce and Navy. The outer material is highly windproof high-density cotton twill fabric. The padding is lightweight and highly thermal PRIMALOFT®︎ Black Insulation made of recycled material.

Insulation Varsity Jacket $670.00+tax [SUAF359U]
Merino Wool Football Shirt $395.00+tax [SUHF372U]
Cotton Wool Twill All In One  $700.00+tax [SULF350U]
KODENSHI Cashmere Neck Gaiter $235.00+tax [SUKF351U]


While remaining relaxed.

Choosing natural colors gives functional jackets a fresh new look. The ribs on the collar, cuffs and hem are a subtle design accent. Denim pants in similar colors have a straight silhouette. The denim uses covering core yarn composed of a polyester core wrapped in cotton, which makes it lightweight and equipped with quick-drying and durable properties.

Insulation Varsity Jacket $670.00+tax [SUAF359U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $105.00+tax [SUHF377U]
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants $265.00+tax [SUCS305U]


The future of outdoors.

Vest made of high-density weather cloth using mixed yarn of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is a standard material for outdoor wear. It is an item made with utmost care for the environment, with the outer surface using non-fluorine water-repellant finish, and the padding using lightweight and highly thermal PRIMALOFT®︎ Black Insulation made of recycled material.

Hooded jacket based on the mountain parka, including military parka elements like the hip pocket. The weather cloth of the outer material and surface finish is the same as the vest. Both have deep front overlaps which enhance windproof properties. The lining is original mesh material made of a combination of KODENSHI®︎ polyester and washi yarn.

Hooded Jacket $530.00+tax [SUAF370U]
Insulation Vest $425.00+tax [SUAF358U]


Lightweight and warm dress.

Down coat with a dress-like silhouette that is based on the liner that comes with military jackets. The shape can be adjusted using the adjuster buttons on the front and belt at the waist. The outer material is lightweight weather cloth. KODENSHI®︎ down padding maintains natural warmth.

Down Dress $585.00+tax [SUBF353U]
Turtle Neck L/S Wool Tee $255.00+tax [SUHF358U]
Button Down Wind Shirt Dress $350.00+tax [SUFF350U]
Chino Skirt $265.00+tax [SUEF351U]


Rain resistant wool.

Large hood and silhouette like a duffle-coat. The outer material is 2-layer wool GORE-TEX Fabrics, and KODENSHI®︎ down makes it rain resistant, thermal, and also lightweight. The complete seam-sealing finish prevents water from coming in from the seams.

Wool GORE-TEX Cadet Coat Down Liner $1390.00+tax [SUBF351U]
Zip-Up Mohair Vest $490.00+tax [SUJF350U]
Cotton Silk Deck Shirt $435.00+tax [SUGF356U]
Flannel ODU Pants $435.00+tax [SUCF355U]


Today navy.

Reversible work-wear-like jacket. The navy side is herringbone pattern twill fabric mostly made of wool. The other side is quilting with organic cotton containing a padding of PRIMALOFT®︎ Black Insulation made of recycled material. The neat band collar gives it a relaxed mood. 

Reversible Insulation Jacket $650.00+tax [SUAF362U]
KODENSHI Mesh Crew Neck Sweater $395.00+tax [SUHF367U]
Sweat Pants $330.00+tax [SUCF362U]
WINDSTOPPER Beanie $125.00+tax [SUPF355U]


Each both sides.

Reversible hooded jacket. The herringbone pattern tweed fabric is a chic color with mixed monotones. When you turn the jacket inside out, you can have the voluminous boa side come to the front. The body is made of windproof and breathable WINDSTOPPER®︎ Fabrics.

Reversible Herringbone Tweed Jacket $700.00+tax [SUAF363U]
Hooded Pullover Sweat $340.00+tax [SUHF352U]
Herringbone Tweed Pants $490.00+tax [SUCF361U]


Reversible Insulation Jacket $650.00+tax [SUAF362U]
KODENSHI Mesh Crew Neck Sweater $395.00+tax [SUHF367U]
Sweat Pants $330.00+tax [SUCF362U]
WINDSTOPPER Beanie $125.00+tax [SUPF355U]


Layering simplicity.

Crewneck knit and cardigan with a simple box silhouette with straight hem and cuffs. Both are knitted to have the cotton/cashmere side come on the surface, and KODENSHI®︎ spun polyester on the back side that touches your skin. KODENSHI®︎ maintains natural warmth, and the fabric is also soft to the touch making it incredibly comfortable to wear.

Cotton Cashmere Cardigan $405.00+tax [SUHF350U]
Cotton Cashmere Sweater $365.00+tax [SUHF351U]
Wide Denim Pants $330.00+tax [SUCS306U]
KODENSHI Cashmere Neck Gaiter $235.00+tax [SUKF351U]
Tech Belt $50.00+tax [SURF209U]


Gentle warmth.

Crewneck sweater and cardigan with a supple texture that fits your body well. Both use polyester yarn containing KODENSHI®︎ which maintains comfortable warmth. It is 18-gauge high density weave but breathable by weaving in mesh form. It is perfect for those times when you want to relax at home. 

KODENSHI Sweat Cardigan $330.00+tax [SUHF361U]
KODENSHI Mesh Crew Neck Sweater $395.00+tax [SUHF367U]
Flannel ODU Pants $435.00+tax [SUCF355U]
KODENSHI Cashmere Neck Gaiter $235.00+tax [SUKF351U]


Realizing comfort.

Pocket T-shirt with relaxed silhouette. The back side is soft pile made of KODENSHI®︎ polyester yarn, which functions to keep the inside of clothing comfortably warm. Comfort and functionality were pursued in the design, for example the stitches of each part made to be flat, and the back hem made slightly long so that your back doesn’t show when you are seated. 

Insulation Shirt Jacket  $435.00+tax [SUAF355U]
KODENSHI Pocket Tee $180.00+tax [SUHF364U]
KODENSHI Sweat Pants $320.00+tax [SUCF353U]



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Producer: Eiichiro Homma
Stylist / Creative Director: Akio Hasegawa
Photographer: Seishi Shirakawa
Hair and Make-up: Kenichi Yaguchi
Writer: Yasuyuki Takase
Translator: Maki Yasuda
Graphic Designers: Hiroko Kobayashi
Editor: Hiroshi Kagiyama


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