Nanamica supports the SAIL GPJapan Team

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Yachts are powered purely by the natural force of the wind. We love the ocean, and are proud to be providing the team casual wear of SAIL GP Japan Team, which competes in yacht races in 8 countries around the world using yachts developed by the latest technology.

With the concept of Powered by Nature™, SAIL GP organizes races that promote the switch to clean energy for a better future for our planet, through sports, which has the power to change the world, and yachts, driven by the force of nature. SAIL GP aims to switch completely to clean energy for all events, both on ground and on water, by the year 2025.

With the motto “ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS,” nanamica hopes to support a peaceful way of living based on a view of the world as one interconnected place. In order for our planet to be a better place for all, we are actively engaged in improving environmental measures at both our product manufacturing sites and offices.

As lovers of the ocean, we have great compassion for the activities of SAIL GP, and are proud to support the team casual wear of the Japan Team for the 2021/2022 season.

For the 2021/2022 season, we provided the ALPHADRY® cardigan and easy pants setup and COOLMAX®️cotton T-shirt, supporting the Japan Team traveling around 8 countries, during long flights and before and after races.


ALPHADRY is a high functional material developed by GOLDWIN for outdoor wear and running wear. The special cross-sectional structure of the yarn and original weave makes the material quick-drying and sweat-absorbent, preventing it from clinging with moisture, maintaining the inside of clothing comfortable at all times.

COOLMAX®️ Cotton

High functional material developed by LYCRA blending the modified cross-sectional polyester fiber COOLMAX®︎ and cotton. When it’s warm, the material absorbs sweat from your body and keeps you dry and cool, and when it is cold, the polyester’s thermal qualities maintain your body temperature, offering both the touch of natural fibers and comfort of functional materials.

SAIL GP Race Schedule /  Japan Team performance


BERMUDA  25-26 Apr 2021  7th place

ITALY  05-06 Jun 2021  1st place

GREAT BRITAIN  17-19 Jul 2021  6th place

DENMARK  20-21 Aug 2021  2nd place

FRANCE  11-12 Sep 2021  1st place

SPAIN  09-10 Oct 2021  4th place

AUSTRALIA  17-18 Dec 2021                     

USA  26-27 Mar 2022