nanamica 2023 fall and winter collection has arrived.

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Nanamica 2023 fall and winter season catalog will be available at nanamica store on 28th July (Fri).

Based on the slogan of ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS, (The ocean is one and the world is connected), this season’s nanamica will continue to work on the theme of "life tech wear that fills the heart".

For the 2023 FW season, we will be "More Tech! More natural! More mixed! as its design theme, and for items using functional materials, we have devised pattern making and specifications to enhance functionality.

The items are mainly made of natural materials and are designed with a focus on the original functionality and texture of the materials, choosing materials that reduce the burden on both the wearer and nature as much as possible.

Autumn items will arrive gradually, so please stay tuned for the 23FW season.

We would be very happy if you could spend your daily life more freely and relaxed by wearing nanamica's items.