nanamica 2022 spring and summer collection has arrived.

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Nanamica 2022 spring and summer season collection will launch at nanamica store on 15th January (Sat).

Based on the slogan of ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS, (The ocean is one and the world is connected), this season’s nanamica will continue to work on the theme of "life tech wear that fills the heart".

I take a deep breath in, then let it out with a long exhale.
There is a pleasant breeze that is tinged with the scent of newly emerging flowers and grass.
The sun is warm, shining down upon the surface of the ocean that continues endlessly.
The sand carried by the waves and wind have created interesting colors over a long period of time.
“Now, where to start?”
In the spring of 2022, nanamica will develop simple, beautiful and neutral items with advanced functions that people from various countries will love and pick up for even more comfort.
I would be very happy if you could spend your daily life more freely and relaxed by wearing nanamica items.