About nanamica clothes Vol. 7 “The future and authenticity.”

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“What is important to me is to live the reality that is meant for me… That is just what is most suitable for my sensibilities.” These words that the French poet Jean Cocteau wrote over a century ago still rings true. It also seems to apply to the process of choosing clothes.

If I am to choose only one coat for this spring, it’ll be this nanamica coat. This Soutien collar coat that is making a new appearance this 2022 Spring Summer season would be my number one candidate. Upon first glance, it doesn’t look that different from the coats of nanamica from the past. The biggest characteristic is the textile. The surface material is a 2-layer material made of 100% polyester twill fabric with GORE-TEX membrane. Compared to other cotton fabric Soutien collar coats that are iconic items at nanamica, it has a soft expression and is light with enhanced fit to the body.

So again, what kind of material is GORE-TEX Fabrics? I think it is the “standard that guarantees functionality” itself.

Products using GORE-TEX Fabrics must be sent to a test center, where it is put on a torso and blasted with water to prove that water does not enter the inside of the coat. Unless it goes through this test, it is not allowed to get the GORE-TEX logo tag. In the case of this coat, the front pocket shows just how strict this policy is.

The new Soutien collar coat uses GORE-TEX Fabrics even on the inside of the pocket. Coats until now were made to be completely waterproof by putting a flap on top of pockets, but it was always somewhat of a hassle to take hands and wallets in and out.

The inside of the pocket on this coat is completely made of GORE-TEX so that even if water does enter, it would just remain there. We made it so that it would pass the aforementioned test as well as make the approach for hands into pockets simpler.

It has the comfort of everyday wear and the high functionality of outdoor wear. This hybridity is what makes it uniquely nanamica.

Fine attention to detail has been made from the viewpoint of the wearer. For example, the buttons. There is a small support button on the back side to prevent fabric wear from stress on the thread holding the main button.

The lining is cotton/COOLMAX®︎ with original check pattern for enhanced comfort.

Take a close look at the collar, and you’ll notice intricately fine stitches. The three-dimensional collar pattern is a product of tailoring technology cultivated over a long history.

The exquisite smoky beige color has a unique appeal and expression like a vintage coat. In contrast, it’s functionality is totally contemporary. It is easy to say in words, but this balance is established by an intricate balancing of each and every detail.

The silhouette of the body and length has been made a bit smarter than the standard cotton Soutien collar coat, making it suitable as business attire too. It is a coat that you can get great mileage out of for both on and off occasions.

Spring is just around the corner. Where shall I go wearing my brand new coat? This coat makes me excited for the future.


2L GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat