About nanamica clothes Vol. 21 Listen to the voice of the wind and choose universal clothes.

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All sorts of industries move being fueled by desire as the main source of energy. It is very true for clothing as well. Newness is replaced every season, our wants ever being tempted by something that comes along next.

This structure stimulates the metabolism of culture and is what gives birth to new things. However, it also holds many problems. One example is that of the environment. How can finite resources and infinite desire coexist? This is a difficult question posed to us living today in the 21st century.

One possible solution is to distance oneself from the ever-accelerating society. The sun rises, you feel the wind, you eat meals then sleep. To live in harmony with the natural biorhythm while leading a cultural and comfortable life is a wonderful way of living that cannot be replaced by anything else.

We at nanamica hold dear to our hearts, the phrase “ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS” (The ocean is one and the world is connected).

Connecting people from all over the world; we actualize this idea by creating neutral items that are universal with cutting edge functionality. The amazing feeling of standing on the beach looking out at the sea and feeling the wind must be common across the world.

This band collar jacket is one item that represents such a scene. The washed fabric that feels so natural against the skin is broad cloth woven of covering core yarn, which is made of a polyester core wrapped in cotton yarn. It dries quickly but feels very nice against the skin. You will surely come to realize how comfortable this fabric is when you wear it in various weather conditions and environments.

What you notice first when you put it on is its airy lightness. The difference in shrinkage factor between the outer material and lining when the fabric is given the wash finish creates a distinct fullness jacket, which captures the spring breeze beautifully.

In the hot and humid climate of Japan, making clothing that is breathable and airy leads to comfort that cannot be expressed in numbers, and the feeling of embracing the season.

2 rows of inner pockets conjure images of military detail work. This kind of structural design gives clothes depth of character. 

Nut buttons are made of coconut and the back support buttons are shell buttons. Both are natural materials. Especially for simple clothes, each and every detail greatly impacts the overall impression of an item. Simple but not bland; this is only made possible with this kind of attention to detail. 

Instead of staring at a grid displaying recommendation after recommendation and endlessly being chased by the new, let us feel the changing of the season, put importance on our daily ways of living, choose one cherished item of clothing and wear it for a long time. In a world where everything passes by us at high speed, we’d like to begin by first taking back the original closeness that people had with nature. To wear universal, comfortable clothes for a long time. We hope that this way of thought will spread throughout the world, and that the future can gradually head towards a better direction.


Band Collar Jacket (SUAS339U) / $460.00 USD