About nanamica clothes Vol. 2 The usual denim, for a new morning.

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One person writes until 4am, while another wakes up at 4am to head to the field. We are relaying mornings, says the poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa. There are all different kinds of lifestyles in the world, and as many different styles of clothes. A youth in Kamchatka or a little girl in Mexico all have clothing as a part of their daily lives, and they serve different functions. Thinking of all the fabric that cover people’s bodies around the world, I am overwhelmed with an extraordinary feeling.


There’s no single style of clothing that suits everyone. If there’s anything close, it may be the denim pants with the special quality to suit all sorts of different scenes. On travels, at the seaside, of course in town. The beauty of authentic denim was shown to us by our style predecessors like River Phoenix and the ‘denim-clad detective’ (from the Japanese TV drama ‘Taiyo ni Hoero’), and is kind of like a mood that can’t be expressed in words. The denim pants of nanamica embodies that mood, but is updated for the contemporary times for enhanced comfort.


Denim fabric woven with mixed cotton and polyester covering core yarn dries really quickly. The pants gently complies to gravity and has a relaxed silhouette, with a gusset in the inseam, which is a feature of climbing pants, that enables a wide range of leg mobility and prevents the knees from sticking out. It seems a matter of course, but you will notice how balanced the design is when you put your legs through it. The discreet label on the back pocket is also cute.


It comes in two shapes. One is a classic 5-pocket jeans. Another is based on the shape of US military chino pants from the 40s. Both come in 2 colors; deep indigo and washed indigo bleach. Because you’d want to choose the best fit - like the fit of the waist and width of the thighs, room in the length - we recommend that you come to the store while all sizes are available to try them on.


The 5-pocket denim doesn’t have any side stitching. This is a unique feature, so the seam doesn’t feel rough, and the pants legs have a cylindrical stiffness that creates a distinct 3-dimensional silhouette. It creates space between your legs and the fabric, for a distinctive airy feel when worn. 

Stitching is done in the same color for a minimal look. The front design differs slightly for each pants.


The urge to wear denim is not rational. You can at least choose clothing according to your unexplainable feelings. However, precisely because of that, the arrangement feels suited to your current lifestyle. It’s light and comfortable, washable, and changes expression with age. It gives me hope, to have a pair of denim that is like a trusted partner, and also like a new morning that brings a sense of excitement to me. Every time I wear these, I think of such things.


5 Pockets Pants (SUCF914_) $265.00 + tax

Denim Wide Pants (SUCS134_) $320.00 + tax