ABOUT NANAMICA CLOTHES VOL. 18 “Softly defiant.”

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The movie “Life is Beautiful” is the winner of the Grand Prix at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. It depicts life at a German concentration camp during World War II, showing a family confronting tragedy with humor and imagination. The father Guido says to his son, “This is a game. If you cry or miss your mother, you lose points. If you’re a good boy you gain points, and when you get 1000 points, you win. When you win, you will get to ride a real tank and go home.” Even in such a dire situation, the family continues to find hope through a strong intellect. As I put my arms through the sleeves of the white insulation jacket, I absentmindedly think of this power of the intellect. Choosing white for outerwear that has its roots in the outdoors and military. Maybe it is because this playfulness that can also be said to be a contradiction has made my heart lighter somehow.



This jacket newly released in 2022 is part of the One Ocean, All Lands series. It is a product that embodies the nanamica philosophy, “The Ocean is One and the world is connected.” The jacket uses PrimaLoft®️ Black insulation, and the outer material is highly water-repellent 65/35 Bayhead cloth. It is very resistant to water compared to down, so it is easy to wash and care for. It is a versatile item, suiting various styles and uses.



The inside of the pocket is lined with fleece, which feels very nice when you put your hands in. Having this lining or not makes all the difference in level of comfort. It is a little joy that only the wearer can know. The true essence of clothing lies in these quietly experienced details.



The shape is a monster parka with shortened hem and made compact overall. The hood can be stored but has a nice proper shape, so it can be kept stored, taken out, or put over your head, and it’ll look good in any way. Tightening the drawcord at the hem makes for a beautiful cocoon silhouette.



The brand tag is located discreetly on the inside of the front hem. The jacket has a matte texture that goes well with cotton and wool, and most importantly, feels wonderful to wear. Walking along the beach, wandering in town, riding a bike. Maybe it is also good to go out to a faraway town. This jacket is sure to be a great companion in my everyday life. The ocean is connected, so we can go anywhere we want. This image is illuminating the future brightly.



People don’t live by reason alone. The heart is very complicated, and choosing clothes is to make a statement of how you are facing that part of yourself. Choosing the color white for a tough item. This imaginativeness is not as earnest as that in Guido’s situation, but still, it makes our daily life just a little more beautiful. That said, I’ve really made the case for white until now, but black, khaki, and navy are also really nice, so it's hard to choose. The heart can be fickle like the autumn breeze.


Insulation Jacket (SUAF266U) $640.00 USD