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At nanamica, we uphold the concept of “Heartwarming Life-tech wear.” It is not just simple, nor just convenient and functional. Of course, it isn’t just decorative either. It is clothing that is appropriate, giving off a charm that speaks to the heart, with a versatility that fits right into our daily lives. We strive to create such clothing. It is easy to speak in words, but difficult to actualize.

This Stripe Button Down Wind Shirt Dress, based on the Oxford button down shirt, is one such item that embodies this concept. It is made of striped broadcloth fabric using covering core yarn and has a universal shape that is a gently flowing A-line.

The charm of the button-down collar is the beautiful roll. It isn’t coarse, nor does it have a hard core that hurts when you wear it, but the collar properly stands up and is nice and neat. In addition, the combination of timeless details like the shell buttons and authentic stripes makes it a shirt that can be the foundational piece of an outfit.

The shirt can be thrown on pull-over style, and the front has a square-cut pocket. And there’s a small but eye-catching logo. These refined elements are all positioned to leave some blank space. This fine balance of adding and subtracting creates a charm that is rarely seen elsewhere.


There are slit pockets on both sides. It is a matter-of-fact detail, but it makes a huge difference whether it is there or not. The pockets are designed to be inconspicuous.

It can simply be worn on its own. Or layered. Or thrown over an outfit as an outer. It is perfect to wear by itself on days when you don’t want to think about what to wear, and of course it can also be layered and coordinated. Match with a leather jacket, or vintage items, or wear by itself. This minimal item has a high degree of completeness, and it looks simple but it is deep. If you bring it on travels with you, you can be sure to get a lot of mileage out of it. Regardless of age, it is an item that can fit into all different kinds of styles.


Stripe Button Down Wind Shirt (SUFF260U)  $370.00 USD