About nanamica clothes Vol. 15 “A shirt’s median plane.”

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As we often hear people speak of the ‘median plane’ and ‘core’ today, the idea of ‘being aware of the center of your body’ has been popular throughout all ages and around the world. Fashion models apparently visualize their body from head to toe and imagine a single line running down the middle when they walk the runway. This is an important concept for clothing as well; when the central point of a wardrobe is clear, it gives rise to your own personal rhythm in your daily life. This Button Down Wind Shirt is precisely such an item.

The crisp textured fabric is a blend of cotton and CORDURA®️ nylon finished with an Oxford weave, which makes it lightweight, elegant and tough.



A quality especially worth mentioning is the stitch work. The collar and placket parts have fine stitch work like a dress shirt, with one line of stitching of regular thickness thread running through, while the shoulder and sides have three lines of stitching using thicker thread. This design feature was a choice made to strengthen the parts of the shirt that gets more stress and movement, as well as an aesthetic choice for a beautiful appearance when a jacket is worn over the shirt.



Three lines of stitching cross the back. The hanger loop, button at the back of the collar, and center pleats all align. This is exactly a kind of detail that makes one aware of the median plane.



The different uses of the three line and single line stitching is not so apparent at first glance. It is precisely because the size balance of each part is finely adjusted that it realizes the feeling of “being just right, without being able to put a finger on exactly why” when you wear it. God is in the details, and it is this ingenuity upon which the subconscious feeling of comfort is established. The shirt can be worn roughly, properly, or thrown on over an outfit. It can be worn alone, and it is also perfect for wearing inside a jacket.



When the hem flutters with the wind, you can see nanamica’s usual phrase, ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS.

There is something appealing about dressy items that can regulate your daily life and activities, but the versatile shirt is a strong supporter of the center of your daily life.


This shirt, created with a quiet intelligence, is not extraordinary at first glance, but it will slowly demonstrate its charm as it becomes a part of different people’s various daily lives. As a long time companion, it’s durability, universality, and comfortableness that is worthy of forming the central point of your daily life, is sure to add to your quality of living.


Button Down Wind Shirt (SUGS006U)  $260.00 USD