About nanamica clothes Vol. 13 “The Sense of Wonder ”

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Let’s continue looking at KODENSHI®️ items. It reflects back body heat and maintains a constant temperature inside clothes. Describing it this way makes it sound inorganic and cold, but when you actually wear it, it gives you a unique sense of comfort that cannot be expressed in words. Especially these socks. I really would like you to experience with your own body the joy of having your feet not too cold or not too hot and just the right constant temperature.

The most unique eye-catching detail of these socks are the toes. This allows for it to be worn with tabi-shaped shoes and strap sandals, and it also lets your toes have good grip and balance. 

Please take a look at the beautiful sewing on the inside. I’ve worn countless socks through the years, but there aren’t that many socks out there that are as beautiful as this when it is inside out. The pile is even and the cut line straight. There is hardly ever a loose thread from the sewing, and it is very neat. The care put into the parts that directly touches your body shows the honest approach to making clothes. 

The rib is wide and moderately fitting. I wore these socks several times, but there is no worry of it becoming stretched out. The smoothness of the fabric is probably one of the reasons that I end up picking it up every morning. Socks are inevitably an expendable item, so it is very valuable when you find one that can last a long time. 

The underside of the feet have a subtle jacquard knit logo. We are headed to summer now, but the way we feel the cold air conditioning varies from person to person, so the KODENSHI®️ socks with the functionality to protect the wearer’s body temperature can offer comfort to all. Both people that can get the chills from air conditioning and those that feel hot easily will be comfortable wearing these socks. 
It is not an inexpensive item, but the functionality, beauty, and the sense of security of your daily life being supported from under your feet is hard to replace with anything else. 

Rachel Carson, the author of “Silent Spring” has left a posthumous work titled “The Sense of Wonder.” The book advocates for the importance of children to sharpen their five senses in nature. This can surely be done in the city too. For instance, you can continue to be sensitive to how nice your toes feel at a gentle, comfortable constant temperature. It’s just choosing socks. But the accumulation of each of those small things lets your senses and sensitivity grow. There is surely value in spending time and money on clothes that satisfy both your body and mind. 


Field Socks (SUKF180U) $28.00 USD