nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 35 “First fusion of KODENSHI® and ALPHADRY®”

Come to think, teleworking has become such a normal part of daily life for me. I want to be in relaxed clothes at home, but I have online meetings too so I need to be mindful of what to wear. This setup feels and looks neat. This fabric is ALPHADRY® with KODENSHI® mixed in, so that it maintains a natural comfortable warmth, and it is also stretchy and really comfortable to wear. It is also crease resistant. I feel that this is the ultimate workwear for the current times.
Easy pants in the same material (SUCS220U) $280.00 USD
Cut and sew using KODENSHI® spun polyester for the back pile  (SUHS228U) $210.00 USD
Tabi-shaped socks using KODENSHI® material (SUKF180U) $28.00 USD
On telework days, there are times when I’m facing the pc all day. Even if I’m sitting all day, or I lie down on the sofa for a break, the KODENSHI® ALPHADRY material doesn’t get creased, and I can go out in the neighborhood without changing. Knowing this, I can feel secure and free. 
Cardigan with KODENSHI®️ ALPHADRY (SUAS225U)
Easy pants in the same material (SUCS220U) $280.00 USD
Cut and sew using KODENSHI®️ spun polyester for the back pile (SUHS228U) $210.00 USD
Tabi-shaped socks using KODENSHI®️ material (SUKF180U) $28.00 USD
I’ve come to spend more time at home doing things like reading these days. Even if I’m indoors, I sometimes want to pamper my feet on chilly days. At such times, I always wear my KODENSHI® socks. My pants are also made of KODENSHI® ALPHADRY MATERIAL, which releases unnecessary moisture from inside of clothing. It is the ultimate comfort.
KODENSHI®️ ALPHADRY easy pants (SUCS220U) $280.00 USD
Cardigan in the same material (SUAS225U)
Tabi-shaped socks using KODENSHI®️ material (SUKF180U) $28.00 USD
Cut and sew using KODENSHI®️ spun polyester for the back pile (SUHS228U) $210.00 USD
The material used for the cardigan and pants setup is a new material developed originally by nanamica called KODENSHI® ALPHADRY. It is highly sweat absorbing and stretchy ALPHADRY® that feels dry to the touch, with ultra-pure micro-particle ceramics kneaded in. KODENSHI® reflects back far infrared rays emitted by the body as body heat, back to the body, so that it keeps natural and comfortable warmth. It is highly adaptive clothing for temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, maintaining the inside of clothing comfortable.