Nanamica X Tanner Goods X Mazama Limited edition collaboration items

Nanamica joins the Portland-based handmade leather goods brand Tanner Goods, and the latter’s tableware brand Mazama to release limited edition collaboration items celebrating the American company’s 15th anniversary.

The collaboration items are a waterproof and breathable jacket and hat made of a mix of nanamica’s signature material, cotton GORE-TEX Fabrics - which is representative of the brand’s approach to outdoor garments with functional materials made of natural materials - and the leather of Tanner Goods, which continues to strive with timeless artisanry, and the unique Japanese material KONBU. We also made a large and small pouch using a combination of KONBU and leather. With Mazama, a brand that continues to uphold traditional ceramic craftsmanship, we created a YUNOMI that recreates the brand’s standard mug in a Japanese style.


All of the items are special, bringing together the functionality of each brands’ iconic materials and design at a high level.


Sales start April 10th (Sat), 2021 at the following nanamica stores

■nanamica NEW YORK       125 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012, USA