Nanamica, in collaboration with Spiber Inc., is going to release products containing Brewed Protein™️ fiber for 2023 fall and winter.


Nanamica will release its signature item, the "Balmacaan Coat," using a new next-generation material from Japan, Brewed Protein™️ fiber, which is expected to be a new solution to various environmental issues.

Balmacaan Coat
Price:198,000 Japanese yen(Tax included)
Size:XS, S, M, L, XL
Color:Natural, Black


nanamica_Spiber from nanamica on Vimeo.



Spiber's Brewed Protein™ material is produced by a microbial fermentation process using plant-derived biomass as a raw material and can be used in a variety of applications.


Brewed Protein fibers spun from brewed protein polymers can be processed into filament yarns with a luster and delicacy like silk, as well as spun yarns such as cashmere with a fine and smooth texture and wool with excellent bulkiness.


As the scale of production of this fiber expands, in the textile applications for the apparel industry, which is the company's initial focus area, for example, cashmere fiber, which is high-grade animal hair and has been pointed out to have various environmental risks significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and reductions in land and water usage when compared.

Brewed Protein materials themselves are biodegradable, meaning petroleum-based products can be used depending on the design of the final product.

Expectations are high for this next-generation material that can provide solutions to replace conventional animal-derived, plant-derived, and synthetic materials.

Through this joint development, we will develop products that respond to solutions to environmental issues, in addition to achieving both fashion and functionality so far.

nanamica - SPIBER / JOINT RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT products will be available at nanamica directly-managed stores in Japan and nanamica NEW YORK this fall. Please visit our website and the special site below for more information.