Collaboration cap by nanamica x NEW ERA®︎ is being released

In this collaboration, the iconic model of NEW ERA®︎, the 59FIFTY®︎, is remade in nanamica’s standard functional material, GORE-TEX fabrics. With focus on matching with the timeless and neutral design that is the design concept of nanamica, the base is a basic polyester twill body, to which a small signature nanamica logo was added. This cap has an authentic style like the all-American baseball cap with the addition of waterproof functionality, and it is also highly breathable and very comfortable to wear.


Ever since its founding in 2003, nanamica has combined stylish design with functional materials, creating standard items that feel contemporary and are necessary in our daily lives. Within a short period, nanamica had become established as a brand that mixes sports and fashion.

The name nanamica means “house of the seven seas.” Our wish is to create with people all over the world, unbound by nationality or ideology, and to showcase the items we create worldwide. We put forward “contemporary standard wear” with neutral designs that are beyond categorization by genre, age, or gender, and we strive to create items that can be a lasting part of people’s daily life for as long a time as possible. The free and relaxed image of the ocean is important to our brand, and our items can be coordinated freely in all different kinds of styles. Currently, the brand has directly managed stores in Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka and New York, and is also carried in retail outlets in 23 countries.

NEW ERA®︎ is a headwear maker established in 1920 in Buffalo, New York. The company started off by manufacturing men’s 8-panel wool hats. In the 1930s, the company started manufacturing professional sports caps, and in 1954, when supplying to MLB (Major League Baseball) team, the Cleveland Indians, the iconic 59FIFTY®︎ cap was born. From then on, more and more teams started adopting this cap for their uniform, and from 1993 onwards, all MLB teams had made it their official on-field cap for their players, making the company the only official players’ cap supplier. Today, the cap is beloved not only in the world of sports but also fashion and entertainment, and has gained the status of an icon for street fashion of recent times.


57.7(7 1/4) / 58.7(7 3/8) / 59.6(7 1/2) / 60.6(7 5/8)

nanamica × NEW ERA®︎ collaboration items are available at the nanamica stores below as well as the nanamica ONLINE STORE starting December 10 (Sat) 2022.