nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 8 “Military jacket”

“It’s early April weather today!” the news said excitedly, but it has nothing to do with the temperature outside when I’m heading out to work in the early morning.

I walk through the still and quiet air, blocking the wind with the big collars of my jacket.
If it’s cold, I can cover my head completely with the hood behind the collar.
The jacket was apparently designed based on the Royal Smock, but the fabric is GORE-TEX and it has a water-blocking fastener, so it is more “outdoorsy” than military.
I’m not a military fanatic or soldier, so this “very slightly, kind of military” touch is probably just about right.
I stuff my keys, smartphones, the book I’m reading, and everything in my jacket pocket, buy a coffee at the station, and head to work.


GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket
$1050.00(+tax) SUAS001_

With the British Windproof Combat Smock as the design source, the jacket has 6 pockets on the front and a big hood.
Functionality was updated with the use of a water-blocking fastener and resin mold power hook.
The fabric is cotton 3-layer GORE-TEX FABRICS.


Wide Chino Pants
$280.00(+tax) SUCF913_

Standard shirt with a relaxed silhouette.
The fabric uses T/C broadcloth composed of cotton yarn wrapped around a polyester center, so it has the feel of natural fibers and the strength of polyester.
It features motifs of vintage shirts from the 50s to 70s like round sleeves, 5 buttons and a pen holder, but uses easy to open dot buttons.

GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat
$850.00(+tax) SUBF800_

Wide chino pants made of original chino fabric with warp and weft using covered yarn with cotton wrapped around polyester.
Based on the chinos of the U.S. ARMY in the 40s, the details of the original pants of the period is faithfully recreated with narrow double piping watch pockets and double chain stitch.
The crotch has a gusset for excellent mobility of the legs.