nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 41 A minka cafe and a washi cardigan.

The Mukuri gallery is found in an old minka*1 that faces a quiet alley in Daikanyama. Within the gallery is Café kokia.
The coffee there is made from beans that come from Yoshida Coffee Baisenjo of Chigasaki. Ground to each order and brewed with loving care, it’s deeply bitter yet smooth and mellow. And the pound cake baked in-store provides a delicious, heart-warming accompaniment.

I take off my shoes on the earthen floor of the entrance and proceed through the gallery space. Then I find a pleasant seating area overlooking the courtyard.
Today being a day for relaxation, I have put on a cardigan. It’s loose and light, and I like how easy it is to wear.

Care has been lavished on every part of the room, and the subtle aroma of wood conveys a sense of warmth. A place like this, cherished over many years, is one that I’ll want to come back to again.

20-4 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Instagram @kokia_bake_stand

~ Composition of this cardigan ~
The outer fabric is made of a thick thread of entwined washi paper and polyester. The liner employs a tenjiku (jersey stitch) showing off the blend of linen and polyester. This pairing of a crisp, light outside with a durable, quick-drying inside makes the cardigan very comfortable to wear, while the rough texture of its low-gauge fabric contributes to a stylish look.

Paper Knit Cardigan $530.00 USD

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