nanamica boy in Daikanyama VOL. 39 “Daikanyama and the classics”

There is a classic restaurant in Daikanyama that I’ve always wanted to go to. For me, what to wear to a classic style place is the GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat.

On this day, my outfit was a mix of all of my favorite pieces. The coat is pretty big in men’s size, but this relaxed fit is just right.

After warming up with some herb tea, the terrace seat was perfect. I’m so glad there is such a nice relaxing place in Daikanyama.

Restaurant Madame Toki
Opened in 1978 along old Yamate-dori in Daikanyama. Housed in a classical Western style building, you can enjoy warm and welcoming service and French cuisine using seasonal ingredients to your heart’s content. The desserts served wagon style is truly impressive

〜What is the functional material used for the coat?〜
For this Soutien Collar Coat, which is a nanamica standard, the material is “3-layer GORE-TEX fabrics.” This is an original nanamica fabric that is constructed of GORE-TEX membrane in the middle, cotton on the outer surface, and nylon tricot on the back surface. It is highly waterproof but breathable so that it protective against rain but moisture doesn’t get trapped inside, keeping you comfortable. The texture of cotton is also one of the fabric’s charms.

GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat $830.00 USD
Hooded Jacket $480.00 USD
Stripe Button Down Wind Shirt Dress $370.00 USD
Thermal Tights, 〈Paraboot〉Shoes Stylist’s Own