nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol.15 "Sweatshirt that dries well"

It’s becoming the season now when I’d throw on a sweatshirt in the morning thinking I’d just take it off if I get too hot, but I end up hardly taking it off during the day.


It’s always like this for me at the end of summer, which makes me feel a bit melancholy, but there’s also a part of me that is a little bit excited to be wearing long sleeves again.

The skin-feel of the sweatshirt is so nice and soft and airy, as it’s woven with yarn composed of a polyester core yarn wrapped in Supima cotton.


There’s not that many days of the year when you can just wear the sweatshirt on its own and be totally comfortable outdoors.

Chilling on the backstreets not doing anything in particular, I feel the soft fleece inside the sweatshirt against my skin and think what a luxurious way this is to spend time.


Crew Neck Sweat $270.00(+tax) SUHF025_

Cargo Pants $370.00(+tax) SUCS004_

Crew neck sweat made with our independently developed covering core yarn.

The fabric is woven of yarn composed of polyester wrapped in Supima cotton, so that it is a functional fabric with fast-drying and highly thermal properties of polyester and softness of natural cotton.

The sweatshirt has roomy and relaxed raglan sleeves, and the front features a kangaroo pocket.



Back in high school after class, I would often buy a burrito and coke at the convenience store and hang out with friends on the street.


When I found my hands with nothing to do, I’d stick them in the pocket of my parka.

It was warm and comforting, and I liked to rub my hands together in them.


My taste hasn’t changed since then, and so come autumn, it’s pocket season for me.

When I stick my hands in the pocket of this sweatshirt the fleece is so nice and soft, and the polyester mixed in the fabric prevents moisture buildup keeping the inside dry and comfortable.


Even though I haven’t changed, the texture of my sweatshirt has certainly grown up.


Crew Neck Sweat $270.00(+tax) SUHF025_

This covering core yarn was independently developed by This covering core yarn was independently developed by wrapping polyester yarn in Supima cotton, realizing fast-drying and lightweight properties of polyester with the softness of natural cotton.

Using fabric made of this yarn, we created a crew neck sweater rich in functionality.

It releases moisture from perspiration, maintaining the inside of clothing comfortable.

It has roomy raglan sleeves and a kangaroo pocket on the front.



Even if it’s not raining or cold, if there’s a hood, I get the urge to put it over my head. I think maybe it makes me warm and relaxed like being covered in a blanket.


This sweatshirt is soft, pliable and lightweight, with the fleece on the underside so nice to feel against my cheek.

 It’s really like a blanket.

Lots of sweatshirts have cords on the hood that are barely there, but the chord on this one is strong and sturdy, woven tightly like the rope on a ship.


I look forward to a windy day when I can tie the cord of my hoodie and walk around the Uguisudanicho neighborhood feeling like a sailor.


Hooded Pullover Sweat $290.00(+tax) SUHF024_

Sweat parka that is soft and comfortable to wear, made of original covering core yarn fabric.

Fast-drying and thermal polyester core yarn is covered in Supima cotton that feels very nice against the skin.

Perspiration dries quickly to prevent dampness inside the shirt, while warmth is maintained.

Neck features a cotton twist cord inspired by ropes used on ships.