nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 14 “Setup suit”

It’s just light rain, I thought, and headed out for my break without an umbrella, but lo and behold it starts pouring.


I pass through Daikanyama railway station, where people have started to return, and trot over to the backstreets.


My top is almost completely soaked, but I’m not so flustered, because I know how this jacket works.

There was a time before when I got caught in passing rain, and afterwards left the jacket out to dry at the entrance to my office, and it dried in no time.

It looks like cotton, but it is actually made of special yarn that makes it dry really fast.


So this time too, all I need to do when I get back to the office is to hang it up somewhere.

The shorts I’m wearing is made of the same fabric, but I guess I’ll keep it on while it dries.


Chino Club Jacket

Relaxed tailored jacket made with original chino fabric.
Covering core yarn, which is comprised of a polyester core wrapped in cotton, gives the fabric a natural feel while also realizing the lightweight and fast-drying high functionality of polyester.
Some parts are sewn with durable chain stitch, which is a method used for work wear.
The double pockets let you put your hands in from the top or the sides.


Chino Shorts

Chino shorts made in the same fabric as the jacket.
The double tack and double flap back pockets are based on the design of U.S. ARMY chino shorts from the 1950s.
The shape is voluminous with a slightly longer hem, which keeps it from being too casual.
It uses covering core yarn so it dries very quickly, and the gusset in-seam enables 180 degree leg movement for great mobility.


Chino Cap

Cap also made in the same fabric.
The surface is made of chino fabric using the fast-drying covering core yarn, and the inner lining is quick-drying ALPHADRY stretch cloth.
The shape is a basic 6-panel baseball cap.
The size can be adjusted with the buckle-adjuster on the back.
The front features an embroidered nanamica logo.


Something I realized as I ran along.

A cotton jacket absorbs water and becomes heavy when wet, but this jacket made of polyester blended fabric stays light no matter how wet it gets, enabling me to skip right along.
The button can be closed all the way to the top, so it also blocks out wind and rain.
The pockets are deep, so you can rest your hands there.
The shorts are roomy but lightweight and easy to run in.

It was quite the protective rain wear.

I give myself a pat on the back for having chosen to wear this setup this morning.



I dried the wet jacket on a hanger.

Of course it didn’t become crisp and dry in just a few minutes, but unlike cotton 100%, the jacket never gets saturated and heavy, and you can feel the moisture naturally leaving the fabric.

It doesn’t lose its shape, and I think it’ll be ready to wear home this evening.


Next to it is the cap that is darker in color now from being drenched.

The water must be quickly evaporating from the cap too, even though I can’t see it yet.
This makes me realize that I can wash the cap in water thoroughly whenever it gets dirty.

It’s not so bad to get caught in the rain, as it makes me realize these little things.
And don’t worry, I’m keeping my shorts on as it dries.