nanamica boy in Daikanyama Vol. 10 Comfortable set up

After the shop closes, I mop the floors and wipe the showcases clean.
I actually like these times spent in the shop alone, mindlessly polishing everything up.
I’d sometimes work up a sweat when I run around like Splatoon covering every surface to make it squeaky clean.
It can sometimes be terrible when I forget to take off my jacket and I get really hot and sweaty then chilly, but luckily today, I was wearing a setup in ALPHADRY® FABRIC.
The active micro-particles embedded in the fabric release sweat, maintaining a comfortable state.
If I can stay comfortable even when moving around this much, I should always wear ALPHADRY® when I have the late shift.



Cardigan in ALPHADRY® FABRIC, made of polyester material containing highly sweat absorbing and diffusing microporous active particles.
The active micro-particles embedded in the fabric pulls in water vapor and moves it outside of clothing, while the energy of infrared rays emitted from the body helps perspiration to evaporate, keeping the inside of clothing at a steady temperature and always dry and comfortable.
It is a stylish cardigan featuring pockets with fasteners, rubber cuff sleeves, and front dot buttons making for easy wear and removal.



Easy pants in lightweight and mobile, quick drying ALPHADRY® FABRIC.
The fabric also has stretch.
The silhouette is roomy and wide tapered but the length is short with loose rubber hems, giving the design a clean cut feel.
Hip pockets have dot buttons to prevent contents from falling out when sitting down.


ALPHADRY Club Jacket

When I’ve finished cleaning and it’s time for a little break, it relaxes me to put my hands in my jacket pocket.
This 2-button jacket made of ALPHADRY® FABRIC has double-entry pockets at the waist for both valuables and comfort, so that I can put my hands.
The active micro-particles releases sweat and keeps inside of clothing at a constant temperature and humidity so I’m always comfortable wearing it.
The inside has a pocket that can hold a smartphone, but I keep the power off during work.