nanamica 2022 fall and winter collection

What I see beyond the wharf is the flat and wide expanse of the ocean.

ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.

Nanamica would like to unite the world through clothing.

Clothing with high functionality suited for the lifestyle of the wearer that is also mindful of the environment is simple and universal.

To wear the clothing, regardless of the country you live in, your gender or age,
lets you be more comfortable in any scene in life.

By sharing this experience, we can connect with people from all around the world.

2L GORE-TEX Coach Jacket  $690.00+tax [SUAF284U]

Hooded Pullover Sweat  $290.00+tax [SUHS244U]

5Pocket Straight Denim Pants  $265.00+tax [SUCF254U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


The coach jacket using 2-layer polyester twill GORE-TEX Fabrics has excellent waterproof and breathable properties and is highly comfortable to wear. The hooded sweatshirt worn inside uses fast drying covering core yarn so that even if it gets wet it dries quickly. It is very reassuring to have in case of sudden changes in the weather.

2L GORE-TEX Coach Jacket  $690.00+tax [SUAF284U]

Hooded Pullover Sweat   $290.00+tax[SUHS244U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


Hybrid of functional and natural materials

The inside lining of the coach jacket is merino wool knit. By using natural materials for the parts of the jacket that directly touches the skin, we put importance on how natural and nice it feels when it is worn. With waterproof and breathable outer material, it is a truly hybrid item.


Hooded jacket with the front designed like a pea coat. It is made of highly wind-resistant and waterproof weather cloth, woven of polyester and cotton mixed yarn at high density. The merino wool lining feels nice to the touch.

Hooded Jacket  $510.00+tax [SUAF285U]

Hooded Pullover Sweat  $290.00+tax [SUHS244U]

Cargo Pants  $370.00+tax [SUCS004U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


Weather cloth jacket is strong against the wind

The women’s hooded jacket, also made of weather cloth like the men’s, features voluminous sleeves and short length. The first skirt that Nanamica has ever created is made of original chino material using covering core yarn, which makes it easy to dry when wet. Both items have high functionality and can be enjoyed by styling uniquely for women.

Hooded Jacket  $510.00+tax [SUAF285U]

Regular Collar Wind Shirt  $265.00+tax [SUGS007U]

Chino Skirt  $260.00+tax [SUEF253U]


Water resistant and easy to care for

Insulation jacket with hood stored in the back of the stand collar. Inside down is highly thermal PRIMALOFT BLACK INSULATION. With water repellant weather cloth lining, it is a very useful piece to have.

Insulation Jacket  $640.00+tax [SUAF266U]

nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee  $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]

Cargo Pants  $370.00+tax [SUCS004U]


Waterproof and breathable standard Balmacaan is also considerate of the environment

Standard Balmacaan coat in 2-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX Fabrics. By using C-zero water repellant, which doesn’t contain any fluorine compounds, we were able to actualize an environmentally friendly 100% cotton outer material that is also highly waterproof and breathable. The pocket opening has been improved to let you take your hand in and out of the pockets more easily.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat  $1380.00+tax [SUBF263U]

COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee  $130.00+tax [SUAS205U]

Wide Denim Pants  $330.00+tax [SUCF256U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Balmacaan coat for women

The women’s Balmacaan coat is mad with a slightly shorter length than the men’s. The inside lining uses original house check pattern Cotton COOLMAX®︎. In addition to the waterproof and breathable properties of the outer material, it is also water-absorbent and fast-drying, making it a comfortable item to wear in environments of great temperature fluctuations.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat  $1380.00+tax [SUBF263U]

Regular Collar Wind Shirt  $265.00+tax [SUGS007U]

5Pocket Straight Denim Pants  $265.00+tax [SUCF254U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Short length cruiser jacket is resilient against bad weather conditions

The raglan sleeve cruiser jacket is made of highly waterproof and breathable 2-layer polyester twill GORE-TEX®︎ Fabrics. It protects you against sudden rain and wind. The outer material of the sweatpants uses recycled leftover cotton that is scraped off in the process of making cotton yarn.

2L GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket  $700.00+tax [SUAS216U]

Vintage Wool Fleece Jacket  $550.00+tax [SUAF275U]

Sweat Pants  $310.00+tax [SUCF176U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


“Clothing for the woman that embraces her own feelings.”

It’s now over 40 years since I started working in the field of clothing. I think it was pretty common back then, but at the time, almost all women working in offices wore uniforms. The only women wearing their own clothes at work were designers and those in creative professions. It was my first year out in society then, and to me at the time, it seemed normal.

2, 3 years from then, I started going overseas for work. One step outside of Japan, and women were working in exactly the same way as men in all different fields. Of course, there wasn’t a single woman wearing a uniform. Another thing that surprised me was the kindness of men towards women. ‘Ladies first’ is a matter of course, but not only did men protect women, but I thought wow, it is a fundamental value to act kindly towards women.

A little while after, with the legal changes of 1985, differences between men and women at the workplace started disappearing in Japan too. Times changed, and with the Declaration of Montréal on LGBT Human Rights at the World Outgames in 2006, the understanding towards the concept of gender-free became more widespread.

It has been 20 years since the start of Nanamica, and we just started a women’s line this year. The current age calls for gender-free and diversity, but I think it is all right for women to have a duality in expressing herself; one side that is working busily in society, and also her very feminine side. Hence, in addition to men’s design items in women’s sizing, we also created items unique to the women’s line, for women who like men’s style and functionality. These items can be worn in a both feminine or boyish style. My hope is for such clothing for the woman who embraces how she herself feels, before the clothing itself, will let her feel comfortable and cool in various scenes of her daily life, from chilling, working, and living.




Eiichiro Homma nanamica Managing Director


Worn inside the women’s cruiser jacket is a shirtdress, which is a first for the brand. It is made of a characteristic double-weave fabric that has different materials for the outside and inside. The outer surface is lightweight moleskin that looks and feels warm with brushed fiber finish. The back surface is fast-drying covering core yarn. It has both the elegance of a dress and high functionality.

2L GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket  $700.00+tax [SUAS216U]

Flannel Shirt Dress  $460.00+tax [SUFF299U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Hooded down jacket made of 2-layer polyester GORE-TEX®︎ Fabrics, which makes it highly waterproof and breathable. KODENSHI®︎ down reflects back far infrared rays emitted by the body, keeping the inside of clothing warm and comfortable. The shirt jacket and pants worn inside uses KODENSHI®︎ ALPHADRY®︎, which features the functionality of KODENSHI®︎ plus the excellent stretch and moisture-absorbing fast-drying properties of ALPHADRY®︎, enhancing the overall comfort.

GORE-TEX Down Coat  $990.00+tax [SUBF276U]

ALPHADRY Shirt Jacket  $460.00+tax [SUAF270U]

nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee  $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]

ALPHADRY Wide Easy Pants  $430.00+tax [SUCF271U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


GORE-TEX®︎ x KODENSHI®︎, resistant against cold and so comfortable

Mod’s coat style long down coat based on the design of the US Army M1951 parka shell. The 2-layer polyester GORE-TEX®︎ Fabrics and KODENSHI®︎ down makes it highly waterproof, breathable, and thermal even with a streamlined silhouette.

GORE-TEX Long Down Coat  $1230.00+tax [SUBF277U]

Club Pants  $330.00+tax [SUCF273U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Large down vest as the main styling item

Oversized silhouette down vest can easily be worn over jackets. The design is based on the US Navy deck jacket and deck vest. The outer material and inner material both are broad cloth made of covering core yarn, which is also used for shirts. Opening the snap buttons on the sides allows for easy access to pockets of clothing worn inside.

Down Vest  $580.00+tax [SUAF291U]

Flannel CPO Shirt Jacket  $410.00+tax [SUAF298U]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee  $205.00+tax [SUHF177U]

Flannel Easy Cargo Pants  $430.00+tax [SUCF252U]


Layering styling of women’s items; long down vest, shirt dress, and one-piece in sweat material. The down vest and sweat material dress uses KODENSHI®︎, which has a thermal effect. The down vest and shirt dress uses fast-drying covering core yarn. It is a mix of refined design and high functionality.

Down Vest  $600.00+tax [SUAF292U]

Stripe Button Down Wind Shirt Dress  $370.00+tax [SUFF260U]

Sweat Dress  $280.00+tax [SUFF283U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


KODENSHI®︎ down maintains natural warmth

KODENSHI®︎ down cardigan can be worn as an outer or innerwear according to the weather and styling. The wool serge fabric of the outer material develops texture as it is worn over time. The 2 rows of buttons on the front allows it to be worn in various ways.

Wool Down Cardigan  $670.00+tax [SUAF273U]

Hooded Pullover Sweat  $290.00+tax [SUHS244U]

Cargo Pants  $370.00+tax [SUCS004U]


Down cardigan shows a different face with the front and back

Reversible down cardigan. One side is a simple dot button design. The other side has 2 rows of buttons like a pea coat, so you can choose how to wear it. The beanie has wind resistant GORE-TEX®︎ INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER®︎ on the inside.

Reversible Down Cardigan  $460.00+tax [SUAF269U]

COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee  $130.00+tax [SUHS205U]

Cargo Pants  $370.00+tax [SUCS004U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


Jacket and pants to wear and relax

Band collar jacket and pants with a roomy silhouette. Outer material is Shetland wool blended with lightweight linen, the inside is mesh material containing KODENSH®︎ ceramics, which maintains comfortable temperature inside of clothing. It is a setup created by pursuing comfort so you can wear it and relax.

Wool Linen Band Collar Jacket  $620.00+tax [SUAF262U]

Regular Collar Wind Shirt  $265.00+tax [SUGS007U]

Wool Linen Work Pants  $460.00+tax [SUCF263U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


Jacket and pants in the same design as the page on left, but this is made of 100% cotton heavy ounce wide wale corduroy. The fabric fibers are long, and it is thermal and wind resistant. You can also enjoy the changing expression of the different depth of shades of the fabric surface depending on the angle it is viewed.

Corduroy Band Collar Jacket  $580.00+tax [SUAF286U]

Band Collar Wind Shirt  $265.00+tax [SUGS100U]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee  $205.00+tax [SUHF177U]

Corduroy Work Pants  $460.00+tax [SUCF287U]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie  $117.00+tax [SUPF251U]


High functionality for the shirtdress too

Worn underneath the women’s corduroy jacket is the stand collar shirtdress. It is unlined, made of a single layer of KODENSHI®︎ ALPHADRY®︎, a fabric developed originally by Nanamica. It is sweat absorbing and fast drying with excellent stretch, maintaining the temperature and moisture inside of clothing at a natural, comfortable level.

Corduroy Band Collar Jacket  $580.00+tax [SUAF286U]

ALPHADRY Shirt Dress  $420.00+tax [SUFF267U]

GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes  $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Cardigan and crewneck wide pants made of ALPHADRY®︎ with added KODENSHI®︎. It is sweat absorbing and fast drying with excellent stretch, maintaining natural comfortable warmth. It is crease resistant and fast drying when it is washed, making it perfect for work from home of course, and also for travel.

ALPHADRY Cardigan  $340.00+tax [SUAS225U]

ALPHADRY Crew Neck Sweat  $330.00+tax [SUHF278U]

nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee  $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]

ALPHADRY Wide Pants  $320.00+tax [SUCF279U]


Outer surface is woven with extra fine merino wool, the back surface is KODENSHI®︎ polyester, making it a cardigan that actualizes the unification of natural and functional materials. The Cupra twill with regimental stripes at the front of the body is also distinctive. The pants are made of lightweight moleskin with raised fibers and covering core yarn. 

Hybrid Cardigan  $400.00+tax [SUAF282U]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee  $205.00+tax [SUHF177U]

Flannel Easy Cargo Pants  $430.00+tax [SUCF252U]


Original chino dries quickly when it gets wet

Crew jacket and wide pants using chino material made of covering core yarn with a polyester core wrapped in cotton. The jacket lining is GORE-TEX®︎ INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER®︎ so that it is highly wind resistant and breathable. It is a representative item of Nanamica that is a basic item with added functionality.

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Chino Crew Jacket  $530.00+tax [SUAF252U]

Crew Neck L/S Stripe Tee  $178.00+tax [SUHF164U]

Double Pleat Wide Chino Pants  $340.00+tax [SUCF154U]


Producer: Eiichiro Homma

Stylist / Creative Director: Akio Hasegawa

Photographer: Seishi Shirakawa

Hair and Make-up: Kenichi Yaguchi

Location Coordinator: Yuji Asai

Writer: Hiroya Ishikawa

Translator: Maki Yasuda

Graphic Designers: Hideyuki Yamano, Misako Taoka

Editor: Hiroshi Kagiyama


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