nanamica 2023 spring and summer

The light flickers and dances on the water surface. The breeze is full of the salty smell of the sea.
Facing the ocean, it is like my heart is being cleansed.
ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.
With faith in this unchanging philosophy, nanamica clothing remains simple
while pursuing the comfort that we need today.
Far away in the distance, somewhere across this ocean,
I hope that we can be more free and share this feeling of comfort.


The coach jacket with dot buttons is nice and sporty. The roomy form can be adjusted using the drawstring at the hem. The fabric is 2 layer polyester twill GORE-TEX fabrics . The lining is mesh material made of KODENSHI® polyester and washi paper, which provides even greater comfort.


Circulating body heat.

The material used for the back of the coach jacket is original mesh fabric made of polyester containing KODENSHI®️ (high purity fine particle ceramics) combined with washi yarn. KODENSHI®️ functions to radiate the wearer’s body heat (far infrared rays) back to the body, to maintain natural warmth inside of clothing.

Wide Chino Pants $310.00+tax [SUCS301U]
L/S Pocket Tee $190.00+tax [SUHF178U]
2L GORE-TEX Coach Jacket $670.00+tax [SUAS333U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


The women’s coach jacket also has a relaxed form and can be worn like a spring coat. The fabric is supple 2 layer polyester twill GORE-TEX fabrics. The skirt uses light weight fabric and has a loose fitting elastic waist for relaxed wear. It is convenient to put on quickly over bathing suits too.

OOAL Oversized Mock Neck Tee $190.00+tax [SUHS349U]
2L GORE-TEX Coach Jacket $670.00+tax [SUAS334U]
Pow Skirt $320.00+tax [SUES305U]


Start the spring with Soutien collar.

Standard nanamica Soutien collar coat using waterproof and breathable 3 layer cotton GORE-TEX fabrics for the outer material, with split raglan sleeves for easy forward movement of the arms. The cotton has a very nice texture as well as high functionality. The coat matches well with daily wardrobe items like denim. 

GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat $870.00+tax [SUBS302U]
COOLMAX St. Jersey Tee $110.00+tax [SUHS213U]
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants $280.00+tax [SUCS305U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


Simple and reliable.

Hooded cruiser jacket, which can also be worn with the collar stood up to fully cover your neck. It has a relaxed look when the front is open. It is nice to also show a glimpse of the lining with original check pattern. The sweater using cotton paper COOLMAX®️ is lightweight and refreshing, durable and fast drying.

2L GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket $750.00+tax [SUAS302U]
7G Crew Neck Sweater $290.00+tax [SUJS112U]
Chambray Easy Pants $330.00+tax [SUCS343U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]


Even when rain is coming close.

Relaxed fit hooded coat with a flowing silhouette from the raglan sleeves to the slit-less hem. The collar can be stood up to add a casual touch to the look. It is made of 2 layer polyester twill GORE-TEX fabrics, which is highly reliable for when it rains or when doing outdoor activities.

COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee $145.00+tax [SUHS307U]
2L GORE-TEX Hooded Coat $790.00+tax [SUBS317U]
Sweat Pants $310.00+tax [SUCF176U]


Choosing a short length for the Soutien collar coat gives it a light and fresh new balance. Match with relaxed straight cut denim. The fabric uses uneven textured covering core yarn, a type of yarn made by covering polyester in cotton, making it lightweight, durable, and fast drying. The denim-like color fading of the surface over time is also enjoyable.

2L GORE-TEX Short Soutien Collar Coat $720.00+tax [SUBS301U]
5Pockets Straight Denim Pants $280.00+tax [SUCS305U]
GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Classic, but your own style.

Balmacaan coat with long length and big collar has a touch of the classic. It has a relaxed A-line silhouette, and the cotton twill outer material woven of beige and orange yarn has a distinct sheen. Combining it with GORE-TEX fabrics makes it a coat providing long-lasting comfort.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1380.00+tax [SUBF263U]
ODU Jacket $450.00+tax [SUAS325U]
ODU Pants $400.00+tax [SUCS327U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


The women’s balmacaan coat hits just below the knee, and has a beautiful silhouette that widens towards the hem. The outer material and other parts are the same as the men’s coat (left page). The sweatshirt on the shoulders, the shirt, and denim pants use covering core yarn, so that it is light and comfortable to wear.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1380.00+tax [SUBF263U]
Regular Collar Wind Shirt $290.00+tax [SUGS307]
Wide Denim Pants $340.00+tax [SUCS306U]
Hooded Pullover Sweat $290.00+tax [SUHS244U]


Longing for summer and the sea.

Shirt is printed with a sketch of red ginger, which is a plant that grows in Hawaii and other Pacific islands. The shirt channels the 1960s vintage look, with dropped shoulders and an oversize fit. Match with a skirt for a relaxed time by the sea. There’s also a men’s size shirt and shorts.

Open Collar Wind H/S Shirt $450.00+tax [SUGS306U]
Pow Skirt $430.00+tax [SUEF308U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]


The ocean and navy.

Jacket based on the 1920s coverall with an overall roomy form. The neat band collar looks fresh when matched with a shirt or parka and other inner wear. Cargo pants in the same fabric is based on military pants from the 1950s with a wide tapered cut.

Band Collar Jacket $460.00+tax [SUAS339U]
Easy Cargo Pants $350.00+tax [SUCS340U]
Open Collar Wind H/S Shirt $330.00+tax [SUGS340U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


We can go into town just like this.

Setup of band collar shirt with distinct short length and matching pants. Both shirt and pants use chambray fabric woven with indigo dyed covering core yarn for the warp, and hemp and polyester mixed yarn for the weft. The unique natural texture of the hemp blend fabric suits both the beach and town.

Chambray Band Collar Jacket $430.00+tax [SUAS340U]
Chambray Easy Pants $330.00+tax [SUCS343U]
OOAL KODENSHI Stripe N/S Tee $95.00+tax [SUHS302U]


Wearing this setup again.

Stand collar vest and two tuck track pants. Both are relaxed sizing and a design that is good for town use too. The outer material is lightweight weather cloth woven using yarn that is a mix of polyester and cotton at a standard ratio for outdoor wear items.

Multi Pocket Vest $410.00+tax [SUNS337U]
Track Pants $320.00+tax [SUCS338U]
Crew Neck L/S Thermal Tee $145.00+tax [SUHS204U]
Sweat Shirt $280.00+tax [SUHF175U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


Travel and clothes.

I am totally an ocean lover, so whenever I go on travels, I always think of going somewhere by the ocean.

Of course there’s seaside resorts, but if I have the chance, I’d want to take a boat to a remote island. When I’m sailing in my yacht in the open expanse of water where all I see is 360 degrees of ocean, a completely different world from normal life is there in front of my eyes. There’s just the sound of the wind and my yacht on the great big ocean. It is a mix of feeling wonderful, plus some tension in anticipation of a possible emergency, which makes me completely forget about other things. It is like the perfect pill for refreshing the mind.

Even if I can see land in the distance, the power of the wind and the swell and surge of the waves lets me feel the heartbeat of this planet as though it is alive, and it gives me energy.

The clothes aren't made to be yacht wear, but I want it to capture this kind of feeling.



Eiichiro Homma nanamica Managing Director


Cardigan made of weather cloth used outdoor wear. It can be worn like a jacket, and with two rows of snap buttons on the front, the fit can be adjusted by using either row. Paired with a sweat setup with thick fleece lining, it is perfect for chilly weather and at the beach.

Cardigan $430.00+tax [SUAS336U]
Hooded Pullover Sweat $290.00+tax [SUHS244U]
Sweat Pants $330.00+tax [SUCS307U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


At the beach, also in town.

Hooded jacket based on the mountain parka, which also has military parka elements like the design of the hip pocket. The slightly deep front overlap enhances its wind blocking function, making it functional outerwear that is good to have out at sea. The lining uses lightweight weather cloth with a water repellent finish.

Hooded Jacket $480.00+tax [SUAS335U]
Cargo Shorts $340.00+tax [SUDS315U]


The comforting feeling of the passing breeze.

Relaxed style shirt with wide neckline and volume in the sleeves. The yarn is dyed with a three level gradation using colors extracted from nature, which gives the surface a subtle brush pattern. The ombre check shorts have a deep rise and wide thighs.

OOAL L/S Wind Shirt $340.00+tax [SUGS313U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]
Easy Shorts $340.00+tax [SUDS310U]


It has to be a relaxed fit.

This oversized and simple outerwear is based on lettered cardigans worn by ivy leaguers. The outer material uses thick yarn made by weaving together washi and polyester, and the inner material uses yarn made of linen and polyester woven into a low gauge jersey. It is a lightweight and refreshing material that is nice to the touch and highly relaxing.

Paper Knit Cardigan $530.00+tax [SUJS347U]
Open Collar Wind H/S Shirt $330.00+tax [SUGS340U]
Easy Shorts $320.00+tax [SUDS304U]
GORE-TEX Plain Toe Shoes $620.00+tax [SUSF150U]


Denim fabric made of dyed uneven covering core yarn is lightweight, durable and fast drying. These are basic items using this functional original denim material. The coveralls have a fresh clean-cut look. The pants are wide tapered cut like army trousers.

Denim Jacket $540.00+tax [SUAS303U]
COOLMAX St. Jersey Tee $110.00+tax [SUHS213U]
Wide Denim Pants $340.00+tax [SUCS306U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


Freedom of the jacket.

Tailored style 3-button jacket matched with relaxed fit tapered cut chino pants. They both use chino fabric made of covering core yarn, which has a polyester core wrapped in cotton. It is a setup that you can enjoy styling in all different kinds of ways. Try wearing a hooded outerwear inside. 

Chino Jacket $630.00+tax [SUAS300U]
Hooded Jacket $480.00+tax [SUAS335U]
Wide Chino Pants $310.00+tax [SUCS301U]


Minimal and comfortable.

Short length crew jacket and easy pants. It is an item that uses the traditional “karami weave” technique for making summer kimonos, which was here applied to functional polyester material. The material is highly breathable and dry to the touch, and very stretchy. It is perfect for heading to the office in the hot and humid summer.

Karami Crew Jacket $490.00+tax [SUAS322U]
Karami Easy Pants $370.00+tax [SUCS323U]
7G Crew Neck Sweater $290.00+tax [SUJS112U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


Seersucker is also a functional material for getting through the hot season in comfort. Using a now rare antique weaving machine to carefully weave the fabric creates a nice unevenness on the surface and a dry touch that provides a refreshing feel to wear. Get both the jacket and matching pants to enjoy a classic elegance, for both on and off occasions.

Seersucker Club Jacket $560.00+tax [SUAS318U]
Seersucker Club Pants $410.00+tax [SUCS319U]
H/S Polo Shirt $190.00+tax [SUHS316U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


Button front cardigan, crewneck sweatshirt, 2-tuck wide pants. All use original fabric made of sweat-absorbing, fast drying, stretchy ALPHADRY®️ with added KODENSHI®️. The material enables comfortable warmth to be maintained naturally. Why not seek ultimate comfort for working at home?

ALPHADRY Cardigan $370.00+tax [SUHS328U]
ALPHADRY Crew Neck Sweat $350.00+tax [SUHS314U]
ALPHADRY Wide Pants $340.00+tax [SUCS315U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


The items that support my daily life.

Shirt jacket also made of KODENSHI®️ ALPHADRY®️ material. It has a simple design but equipped with pockets for separately storing smartphone and earphones, which is very convenient for commuting. T-shirt in jersey fabric made by slowly weaving cotton and COOLMAX®️ mixed yarn is also good for keeping you fresh.

ALPHADRY Shirt Jacket $370.00+tax [SUAS312U]
ALPHADRY Wide Pants $340.00+tax [SUCS315U]
nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.00+tax [SUHF145U]
Watch Cap $105.00+tax [SUPS236U]


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