nanamica 2022 spring and summer collection

Looking out at the majestic ocean, my imagination is stimulated in many different ways.

I try imagining the lives of people out there across the ocean in foreign lands.

ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.

What this means is that all people in the world are connected by one ocean.

The clothing of nanamica has both the functionality to let anyone wear it comfortably and design that allows it to be worn for a long time,

regardless of where you live or how old you are.

We hope that putting on our clothing lets people feel freer and relaxed in their daily lives.

Through clothing, we share this thought with people all around the world.

Return to your free self

With this relaxing shirt and pants, you can free yourself from your busy schedule and go back to being your true self. That’s the kind of feeling you get when you wear this drop-shoulder shirt and tapered easy cargo pants setup. The fabric of both items uses covering core yarn made of cotton wrapped around a polyester core. It makes the material quick drying and also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Open Collar Wind H/S ShirtSUGS237U

Easy Cargo PantsSUCS227U


The message behind the unbleached tag

We create environmentally sustainable clothing that is not fixed to any certain nationality or way of thought. By doing so, we want to support a peaceful way of living. This idea is represented by the words, “ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.” This is the message that we want to express with the unbleached tag on the items.


Care for the environment with sustainable materials

The moderately glossy outer material of the field jacket is original taffeta made of recycled polyester and natural merino wool. To care for the future of our planet earth, let’s wear sustainable, environmentally friendly clothes.

Field JacketSUAS222U

Hooded Pullover SweatSUHF160U


Carrying the weight of the thought behind the logo

Relaxed fit deck jacket with wing collar front. The blouson-type collar is embroidered with the initials of “ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS.” Feeling the salty sea breeze against your skin and imagining the people living in countries far across the ocean, the whole world starts to feel much closer. Matched with the jacket is a lightweight quick drying short pants. It's an outfit that lets your mind and body be light and free.

Deck JacketSUAS231U

Chino ShortsSUDS214U

Field HatSUPS224U


Relax with a loose fit silhouette

Lightweight band collar jacket based on the design of coveralls from the 1920s. The material uses covering core yarn, so even if it gets wet from the splashes of the waves, it will dry quickly.

Band Collar JacketSUGS225U

7G Crew Neck SweaterSUJS112U

Denim Wide PantsSUCS134U

Watch CapSUPS236U

Hooded JacketSUAS235U


The big hood protects you from even the strongest wind

Hooded jacket based on the US Navy salvage parka. It is unlined, made of durable cotton/nylon grosgrain material. Cover your head with the high collared hood and tighten the draw chord at the hem, and you can shield yourself from the strong wind blowing against you. The part of the hood that touches the skin is made of unbleached cotton. We’re not forgetting to care for the environment.

Hooded JacketSUAS235U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Hooded JacketSUAS235U

Easy Cargo ShortsSUDS238U


Changing the values that we hold within us.

I think the first time words like ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ came onto the scene was around 2007. With Anya Hindmarch releasing the “I am a Plastic Bag,” eco suddenly became fashionable. At the Outdoor Retailer Show that I went to every year, all the brands were beginning to offer eco and recycled items. Even the beer served at happy hour there was green in color. However, at the time it seemed to me like they were expending even more energy for the sake of ecology, and I didn’t feel it was real. Rather, I felt it would be a lot more eco to continue wearing one item of clothing for a long time, so our concept from the start of our brand has always been “Keep a little distance from trends and create high quality items that can be worn for a long time.”

Practically all functional materials are made of synthetic fibers. The development of functionality has always been dependent on technological advancements of such fibers, but just to even manufacture the material expends vast amounts of energy and water. Also, if we stop using chemical processing that negatively impacts the environment, it oftens means a few steps backward for functionality. Hence, our challenge now is to realize the high level mix of functionality and caring for the environment. Another way to approach this issue is to revisit natural fibers. Natural fibers such as wool and linen actually have amazing functionality. Creating textiles that fully draw out the functionality of natural fibers, and making clothing that utilizes these properties is one of our main concepts in recent times.

Nowadays, the topic of environmental measures is not a trend, but a pressing challenge facing the people of the world. For us at nanamica too, we can only do what we can, one small step at a time. For instance, we’ve always kept leftover cloth and made eco bags to gift our customers, and last year, we changed the water-repellant coating of all our new materials to one that doesn’t contain PFC. Starting this year, even the membercards that we hand out to our customers has been switched from plastic to an app or paper card, and we also stopped using PET bottles at our company. We are now aiming to change all of our materials to environmentally sustainable alternatives within 3 years.

We don’t want merely the result of getting change reflected in our products, but to also change the values that we hold within us.


Eiichiro Homma nanamica Managing Director


GORE 2 layer short soutien collar jacket

Short soutien collar coat in 2-layer GORE-TEX fabrics. The shiny outer material is polyester, and the lining is cotton/COOLMAX®︎ with original check pattern. Highly waterproof and breathable, it keeps you comfortable even on rainy days. The supple fabric fits well to your body.

GORE-TEX Short Soutien Collar CoatSUBS216U

Field PantsSUCS223U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Supple GORE-TEX coat that is resistant to rain

The short soutien collar coat has a slightly slimmer silhouette in the body and arms than the standard balmacaan coat that is released every season. It features raglan sleeves and has a soft texture, and the wide range of arm movement is supportive of your most active days. 

2L GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat[SUBS215U

Sweat ShirtSUHF175U

Sweat PantsSUCF176U



It has the texture of cotton and ages well

Balmacaan coat with an elegant A-line silhouette and unlined raglan sleeves. Outer material is cotton material with a nice sheen, and the lining has the original nanamica housecheck pattern with 7 lines, which represents the 7 oceans. The texture of cotton can be enjoyed as it ages with wear over time.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan CoatSUBF015U

Hooded Pullover SweatSUHF160U

Straight Chino PantsSUCF153U


New inventions, KODENSHI®️and ALPHADRY®️

The club jacket and easy shorts use the sweat-absorbing fast drying stretchy material ALPHADRY®︎ with the added functionality of KODENSHI®︎, which has the effect of adjusting to your body temperature to maintain natural warmth. It’s a completely new original material developed by nanamica.



5G Crew Neck SweaterSUJS203U

H/S Polo ShirtSUHS212U


So comfortable to wear, with natural warmth and humidity

The relaxed fit cardigan and easy pants uses nanamica’s original material that has KODENSHI®︎ functionality added to ALPHADRY®︎. It is sweat absorbing and quick drying with excellent stretch, and further has the effect of maintaining natural warmth by adjusting to your body temperature. It makes it easy to maintain the temperature and humidity inside of your clothing in natural, comfortable conditions.


H/S Pocket TeeSUHF166U

ALPHADRY Cropped Easy PantsSUCS226U


Button Down Wind H/S ShirtSUGS067U

Wide Chino PantsSUCF913U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Universal design, pleasant to the touch

Border stripe pattern long sleeve T-shirt made of COOLMAX®︎ blended cotton material. It is woven by jersey stitch using a fleece knitting machine, so that it is soft and pleasant to the touch with a smooth, dry feel. It is a timeless standard item at nanamica, for which the sea is a main theme.

COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S TeeSUHS205U


Button down shirt using cotton/CORDURA®︎ nylon Oxford cloth. The texture of the fabric and triple stitch is just like that of a work shirt, but single stitch is also used in some parts, making it a hybrid between a work shirt and a dress shirt.

Button Down Wind ShirtSUGS006U

Chino ShortsSUDS214U

5G Crew Neck SweaterSUJS203U


Band collar shirt in broadcloth

The band collar shirt makes a new appearance this season. It uses broadcloth made of covering core yarn, which has a polyester core wrapped in cotton. The shirt has a smooth, dry feel and is even more lightweight than it looks, making it very comfortable to wear. Even if you’re hit with a surprise spring rain, it will dry in no time. It has a longish hem, so you can wear it like a shirt jacket too.

Band Collar Wind ShirtSUGS100U

Straight Chino PantsSUCF153U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Denim jacket with zip front, based on vintage designs. It is made of original fabric using covering core yarn, so that it is lightweight and dries quickly even if it gets wet with rain. It has a clean design, with the chest pocket eliminated and the fastener ending at the middle of the chest.

Denim JacketSUAS200U

Denim Wide PantsSUCS134U


New straight type of the standard denim

A new straight type makes an appearance in the 5-pocket denim pants lineup. The standard silhouette has a neat, clean look, and goes with a variety of clothing styles. The material is original fabric made of lightweight and quick drying covering core yarn. The chambray shirt also uses covering core yarn.

Regular Collar Wind ShirtSUGF157U

5 Pockets Denim Straight PantsSUCS201U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Undyed coveralls

A new undyed jacket joins the lineup of nanamica standard coverall jackets. The original moleskin fabric using covering core yarn is unlined. The jacket is light and soft, and has no side seams, so that it is very comfortable to wear. The wide placket and change button details exudes an authentic feel.

Dock JacketSUAF150U

Dock PantsSUCF151U

Crew Neck L/S Thermal TeeSUHS204U


Use for a long time and enjoy the beauty that comes with use, just for you

Tote bag using high density canvas. The fabric woven of cotton and CORDURA®︎ nylon mixed yarn is highly durable, and you can enjoy how it ages over long time use. Closing the top with the fastener prevents the contents of the bag from falling out and protects it from rain. The bag can be made more compact by tying the top with the chord.

Tote Bag LSUOS207U


Wearing the peaceful air of Hawaii

The shirt is based on vintage shirts from the 1960s and has the traditional Hawaiian Palaka check pattern. The relaxed silhouette with dropped shoulders is made in the image of people living at one with nature in the tropical land. You can wear the shirt with the feeling of enveloping yourself with the peaceful, free air of the warm climate.

PALAKA Check Open Collar Wind H/S ShirtSUGS233U

Wide Chino PantsSUCF913U


Showing the tradition of Japan to the world through clothing

Hybrid polo sweater that uses yarn containing Washi for the outer material, and COOLMAX®︎ polyester for the lining. We hope that items with the subtle mix of traditional Japanese taste lets people feel closer to Japan, and that it can contribute to the actualization of a borderless world. This is an item that contains this message from nanamica.

H/S Stripe Polo SweaterSUJS240U

Wide Chino PantsSUCF913U

Watch CapSUPS236U


Producer: Eiichiro Homma

Stylist / Creative Director: Akio Hasegawa

Photographer: Seishi Shirakawa

Hair and Make-up: Kenichi Yaguchi

Location Coordinator: Yuji Asai

Writer: Hiroya Ishikawa

Translator: Maki Yasuda

Graphic Designers: Hideyuki Yamano, Misako Taoka

Editor: Hiroshi Kagiyama


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