nanamica 2021 spring and summer collection

Under an incredibly clear blue sky, prisms of light dance on the surface of the water.But then suddenly it changes and the surface starts to violently surge and swell.The world can change in an instant. That’s why I always want to remain true to myself.


Nanamica makes clothing for everyday wear that support that mindset and outlook.Using natural fibers that are a gift from mother nature along with synthetic fibers born from cutting edge technology, we develop hybrid daily wear that is comfortable and fits well. Being comfortable allows us to be more ourselves.So, let’s go to the beach, or into town. Nothing is stopping us. Let’s go.

Big Button Down Chino Wind Shirt $340.00+tax[SUGS104_  Wide Chino Pants $280.00[SUCF913_



Undyed shirt.

Big silhouette button down shirt in navy, khaki and also a soft gentle “natural” color.If you look closely, you can see the natural cotton fibers, which is proof that it has not been dyed at all.Yarn with this natural texture is wrapped around a polyester core to make covering yarn, so that the fabric is lightweight and fast drying.

Big Button Down Chino Wind Shirt $340.00+tax[SUGS104_  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  Wide Chino Pants $280.00+tax[SUCF913_  nanamican Tech Belt $45.00+tax[SURF915_



The standard is wide and slim.

Standard chino pants come in 2 types of widths.One is based on US. ARMY chino trousers from the 50s and is slim fit.The other is a roomy wide type, based on the US. ARMY chinos from the 40s.Both are tapered towards the ankle. Inseam has a gusset for enhanced mobility.

Chino Club Jacket $540.00+tax[SUAS103_  Big Button Down Chino Wind Shirt $340.00+tax[SUGS104_  Tapered Chino Pants $270.00+tax[SUCF912_


Chino Club Jacket $540.00+tax[SUAS103_  Big Button Down Chino Wind Shirt $340.00+tax[SUGS104_  Wide Chino Pants $280.00+tax[SUCF913_



Chino crew jacket shuts out strong wind, using highly windproof GORE-TEX Infinium™️ Windstopper®️ fabric for the lining.It also has excellent moisture permeability, releasing moisture and keeping inside of clothing comfortable.Surface material uses chino cloth made of polyester blend covering core yarn, so that it dries quickly when it gets wet with rain.It is lightweight and convenient to carry around.

Chino Crew Jacket $540.00+tax[SUAS102_  L/S Pocket Tee $155.00+tax[SUHS117_  Easy Chino Shorts $230.00+tax[SUDS105_



Short Soutien collarcoat also uses GORE-TEX Infinium™️ Windstopper®️ fabric for the lining and chino cloth made of polyester blend covering core yarn for the surface material.Based on the French military raincoat, it has a yoke sleeve design with the shoulder to sleeve made in one cloth.That makes the range of motion of the arms wider and keeps clothing inside from bunching up.

Chino Short Soutien Collar Coat $600.00+tax[SUBS102_  Hooded Pullover Sweat $265.00+tax[SUHS114_  Wide Chino Pants $280.00+tax[SUCF913_



This shirt jacket with a big pocket on the chest is based on the design of the US. ARMY M-43 jacket.Using a mixed yarn fabric woven of CORDURA®️ fiber and natural cotton, it is soft but durable.It comes in 2 colors, light pink and blue stripe, which matches well with chinos.

Utility Shirt Jacket $340.00+tax[SUAS110_  Button Down Stripe Wind Shirt $280.00+tax[SUGS109_  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  Easy Chino Shorts $230.00+tax[SUDS105_



Seeing the new in the old. Open collar shirt.

Open collar shirt using broad cloth woven of covering core yarn composed of polyester wrapped in cotton.Referring to American shirts from the 50s to 70s, the sizing is roomy and relaxed.The dot buttons have a decorative buttonhole, so that even while realizing convenience the design is classic.

Open Collar Wind H/S Shirt $260.00+tax[SUGS068_]  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_]  Tapered Chino Pants $270.00+tax[SUCF912_



Smooth dry knitwear made of washi paper

Woven of yarn containing Japanese washi paper, this knitwear has a firm texture. It is refreshing and smooth to the touch similar to linen and also light to wear.By using plating stitch which pulls in 2 kinds of yarn at once, the surface is washi-containing mixed yarn and the back is Coolmax polyester, both sides showing different expressions.By weaving at high tension, the functionality and appearance have a dry finish.

7G Crew Neck Sweater $290.00+tax[SUJS112_  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_



Half sleeve button down shirt in cotton/ CORDURA ®️ ox cloth.The fabric is stronger than cotton and stitchwork of different yarn thickness and needles are used for different parts of the garment, giving the piece the elegance of a dress shirt and the durability of a work shirt.The crisp feel of the fabric is also nice.

Button Down Wind H/S Shirt $220.00+tax[SUGS067_]  Tapered Chino Pants $270.00+tax[SUCF912_



Tough standard shirt.

Long sleeve button down shirt in the same cotton/ CORDURA ®️ ox cloth.The design with 5 button placket front and rounded hem is borrowed from American vintage shirts from the 50s~70s.The roomy silhouette can be worn in a relaxed style.

nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  Denim Wide Pants $320.00+tax[SUCS134_



New denim is tough against water.

Our newly developed original denim uses a new 3-layer functional material made of waterproof breathable film sandwiched between a layer of 8.5 oz fabric and cotton twill lining.Fabric texture remains while keeping out rain and maintaining inside of clothing at a constant humidity level.Back side of the field jacket has a mesh ventilation which allows moisture to escape easily.

Denim Field Jacket $530.00+tax[SUAS125_]  Band Collar Wind Shirt $310.00+tax[SUGS133_]  Denim Easy Shorts $265.00+tax[SUDS135_]  Denim Hat $130.00+tax[SUPS126_



Field jacket in original denim material can be worn all year round, even on days when the wind is strongest.The fabric has a 3-layer structure with waterproof breathable film sandwiched between a layer of 8.5 oz fabric and cotton twill, which keeps out rain and maintains inside of clothing at a constant humidity level.Mesh ventilation on the back helps to release moisture.

Denim Short Field Coat $620.00+tax[SUBS124_]  Hooded Pullover Sweat $265.00+tax[SUHS114_  Denim Wide Pants $320.00+tax[SUCS134_



Denim pants that have the same shape as the standard wide chino pants.It is made of original fabric woven of warp in cotton and weft in covering core yarn, so even though it is denim it dries very well.Silhouette is based on US. ARMY chino trousers from the 40s and arranged with wide tapering.Inseam has gusset for enhanced mobility.

Regular Collar Wind Shirt $310.00+tax[SUGS132_]  Denim Wide Pants $320.00+tax[SUCS134_



These are the standard easy chino pants made in denim.It has a wide silhouette based on US. ARMY chino pants from the 40s, which is comfortable and very easy to move around in.Fabric uses covering core yarn so that it dries very quickly. The soft relaxed texture of the denim is nice.

7G Crew Neck Sweater $290.00+tax[SUJS112_  Denim Easy Shorts $265.00+tax[SUDS135_



GORE-TEX Balmacaan coat gently wraps around you.

 Balmacaan coat in fabric that is exclusive to nanamica, the 2-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX Fabrics.The 2-layer fabric is comprised of just a layer of 100% cotton 60/2 cotton twill and GORE-TEX membrane, which makes it waterproof, windproof, breathable and lightweight.Fabric yarn is pre-dyed before weaving for a deep rich coloring.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1380.00+tax[SUBF015_  Wide Chino Pants $280.00+tax[SUCF913_



GORE-TEX is made of fluorite.

It is a natural mineral generated from calcium fluoride, and it got this name because it becomes fluorescent under ultraviolet light.Fluororesin (“PTFE” polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon) has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance and is highly durable even under extreme conditions, and by applying stretch processing, GORE-TEX membrane is created.


The standard Soutien collar coat in GORE-TEX.

Standard Soutien collar coat in 3-layer cotton GORE-TEX Fabrics.The 3-layer structure is comprised of a membrane (waterproof film) sandwiched between cotton surface layer and nylon lining, giving it excellent waterproof and breathable properties.Further, the stitching on the back lining is covered with seam tape, which blocks out water.The split raglan sleeve design, which is like normal sleeves in the front and raglan sleeve style in the back, enables stress-free arm movement.

GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat $850.00+tax[SUBF800_  5G Crew Neck Sweater $330.00+tax[SUJS111_  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  Cargo Pants $370.00+tax[SUCS004_]  GORE-TEX Cap $130.00+tax[SUPS100_



GORE-TEX cruiser jacket is resistant against the sea.

Raglan sleeve cruiser jacket made of highly waterproof and breathable 2-layer cotton twill GORE-TEX Fabrics.The design is based on the ECWCS GORE-TEX Jacket that the US. ARMY developed in the 1980s.It has waist pockets that functions as a hand warmer as well as a fastener pocket on the inside and secret pockets on either side of the chest, making it an active piece that enables you be hands free as you go about.

GORE-TEX Cruiser Jacket $690.00+tax[SUAS119_]  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  Cargo Pants $370.00+tax[SUCS004_



Relaxed wear that breathes.

Cardigan and easy pants in Breath Tune, a material that we independently developed.The back lining uses merino wool with a special finish. In humid conditions the fabric absorbs moisture, and in dry conditions it emits moisture, which makes it very comfortable as though the fabric is breathing.The nylon/polyurethane surface material is processed with durability enhancing water-repellant finish so that it repels the rain.

BREATH TUNE Cardigan $370.00+tax[SUHS122_]  nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $90.00+tax[SUHF145_  BREATH TUNE Wide Easy Pants $320.00+tax[SUCS123_



Tropical setup.

Club jacket and pants in tropical wool.It uses blended fabric made of smooth combed wool and polyester, which is highly breathable and light and fit to wear all seasons.Sleeves are lined while the back is unlined making it light to wear. Hip pockets come with handwarmers.

Club Jacket $735.00+tax[SUAS107_  Cruiser Jacket $410.00+tax[SUAS127_]  Regular Collar Wind Shirt $265.00+tax[SUGS007_  Club Pants $350.00+tax[SUCS108_


Club Jacket $735.00+tax[SUAS107_  Regular Collar Wind Shirt $265.00+tax[SUGS007_  Club Pants $350.00+tax[SUCS108_