nanamica 2021 fall and winter

Even if the world changes drastically, the workings of nature doesn’t change.

Today, like every day, the sun rises and warms the earth and goes on to set in the west.

If the role of clothing is a tool for us humans to coexist with nature,
then its fundamental essence will remain unchanging in the future.

At nanamica, in addition to functionality made possible by cutting edge technology,
we use organic fibers and recycled materials to feel closer to the natural environment.

We are always striving to create clothing that makes everyday living more comfortable and that connects us sustainably to the future.

Soutien Collar Coat $980.0 + tax[SUBF169_

Cruiser Jacket $740.0 + tax[SUAF152_

Straight Chino Pants $260.0 + tax [ SUCF153_ ]


The cool coat is also kind to the environment.

Soutien collar coat and cruiser jacket in original taffeta material newly developed by nanamica. It is made of recycled polyester and sustainably produced New Zealand ZQ merino wool, which has an elegant sheen. The material is water repellent and has a stiff and sturdy texture while being lightweight and crease resistant.

Soutien Collar Coat $980.0 + tax [SUBF169_]

Cruiser Jacket $740.0 + tax [SUAF152_]

Straight Chino Pants $260.0 + tax [SUCF153_]


The go-to coat that can be worn whenever, forever.

Standard soutien collar coat using 3-layer GORE-TEX fabrics. The material is waterproof and breathable and very comfortable to wear, and also has some stiffness, making it suitable to wear for both on and off occasions and various scenes. The color of the tricot lining and the seam tape with line design are nanamica originals.

GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat $830.0 + tax [SUBF800_]

Straight Chino Pants $260.0 + tax [SUCF153_]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie $117.0 + tax [SUPF042_]


High functionality of the GORE-TEX Balmacaan coat.

Standard Balmacaan coat using GORE-TEX fabrics. The material has a 2-layer structure , with original cotton twill affixed to GORE-TEX membrane, making it waterproof and breathable while being nice and soft. The lining is the original house check pattern cotton COOLMAX®️ material, which is highly sweat absorbent and fast drying.

GORE-TEX Balmacaan Coat $1380.0 + tax [SUBF015_]

Turtle Neck L/S Stripe Tee $190.0 + tax [SUHF163_]

Sweat Pants $310.0 + tax [SUCF176_]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie $117.0 + tax [SUPF042_]


Man-made feather makes the jacket more comfortable.

Jacket with a big silhouette using water-repellent polyester taffeta. Inner filling is PrimaLoft®️ Black Insulation, which contains a high amount of recycled polyester. It has excellent thermal properties while being lightweight, and lets sweat evaporate quickly, preventing the body from becoming cold.

Insulation Jacket $580.0 + tax [SUAF194_]

Sweat Pants $310.0 + tax [SUCF176_]


GORE-TEX x KODENSHI®️ The trusty down coat.

Hooded down coat using waterproof and breathable 2-layer GORE-TEX fabrics for the outer material and recycled ripstop for the lining. It uses KODENSHI®︎ down, which absorbs and reflects infrared rays emitted by the wearer’s body to maintain a comfortable warmth. It is a coat that is packed with technology to combat rain, wind and cold.

GORE-TEX Down Coat $900.0 + tax [SUBF043_]

Cargo Pants $370.0 + tax [SUCS004_]


KODENSHI®️ is a functional material that is excellent for keeping the inside of clothing at a natural comfortable warm temperature. By kneading into down and polyester padding, sweat material and the yarn of knitwear, it functions to efficiently radiate the far infrared rays emitted by the body inside of the clothing to maintain a nice gentle warmth. Using it allows thickness of fabric and volume of material to be decreased, enabling clothing to be more lightweight.


Reversible down coat is light but warm.

This down coat based on the liner of military coats is reversible with two sides made of different material in different colors; one side is polyester ripstop and the other side water-repellent cotton twill. KODENSHI®️ down is used for the inner filling, which keeps the wearer comfortably warm. The front has 2 rows of buttons, which lets it be worn as both inner and outer wear.

Reversible Down Coat $500.0 + tax [SUBF191_]

Hooded Pullover Sweat $290.0 + tax [SUHF160_]

Straight Chino Pants $260.0 + tax [SUCF153_]


The best part of both suede and cotton.

The texture is like suede but it is actually cotton with a raised fiber surface. This material is soft to the touch and light to wear. The large utility pockets on both sides of the chest provide an accent to the design.

Hybrid CPO Jacket $370.0 + tax [SUGF158_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Sweat Pants $310.0 + tax [SUCF176_]



Coverall jacket dries quickly even if it gets all wet.

Coverall jacket in original moleskin material with a smooth texture. The fabric uses covering core yarn comprised of a polyester core wrapped with cotton, so that it is fast drying and lightweight. The jacket is unlined with seamless sides making it very comfortable to wear.

Dock Jacket $540.0 + tax [SUAF150_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Dock Pants $330.0 + tax [SUCF151_]



Excellent functionality even for the sweatshirt setup.

Sweatshirt and pants setup. The fabric is the lightweight and highly thermal KODENSHI®️ classic fleece so that it is comfortable to wear indoors too. In consideration for the environment,  bits of leftover cotton from the spinning process of manufacturing clothing is recycled and used for the yarn of the inside lining.

Sweat Shirt $280.0 + tax [SUHF175_]

Sweat Pants $310.0 + tax [SUCF176_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Field Socks $28.0 + tax [SUKF180_]


Hybrid cardigan, to wear at home or outside.

Cardigan with front body using fake suede made of high density polyester with raised fiber finish. The front features a double zip made of resin material that can also be opened from the bottom. Aside from this cardigan, the turtleneck and sweatpants also use the highly thermal KODENSHI®️ material. It maintains a natural comfortable warmth.

Hybrid Cardigan $370.0 + tax [SUJF174_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Sweat Pants $310.0 + tax [SUCF176_]


BREATH TUNE pants is your best friend for the indoors too.

Easy pants using original BREATH TUNE stretch cloth. It is a hybrid material with a surface of nylon/polyurethane with water repellent finish and back side of double weave stretch wool, which is resistant to dirt and highly thermal. The five finger socks also use KODENSHI®️ material, keeping you toasty all the way to your toes. The bottom of the socks is made of towel-like pile material.

BREATH TUNE Wide Easy Pants $320.0 + tax [SUCS123_]

Hooded Pullover Sweat $290.0 + tax [SUHF160_]

Field Socks $28.0 + tax [SUKF180_]



Smooth and light no-collar jacket.

No-collar jacket in sweat absorbing, fast drying, stretchy ALPHADRY®️ material. The jacket is washable, and it doesn’t cling to your skin even if you sweat a lot, and it is also lightweight and crease resistant. The length is slightly short, so that the hem isn’t too baggy when you sit down.

ALPHADRY Cardigan Jacket $280.0 + tax [SUAF172_]

ALPHADRY Wide Easy Pants $260.0 + tax [SUCF173_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Field Socks $28.0 + tax [SUKF180_]


Denim pants that are light to wear even on rainy days.

Recreation of nanamica’s standard wide tapered chino pants silhouette in denim. Original material using covering core yarn made of polyester yarn wrapped in cotton dries quickly when it gets wet. Inseam with a gusset for wider range of leg movement makes it easy to move in.

COOLMAX St. Jersey L/S Tee $130.0 + tax [SUHS116_]

5 Pockets Pants $265.0 + tax [SUCF914_]

nanamican Tech Belt $45.0 + tax [SURF915_]


Serge material setup is thick but light.

Setup of 3-button jacket and wide tapered pants. By using serge material made of wool/polyester mixed yarn, the fabric is quite thick but lightweight. The jacket can be worn with the collar stood up, and buttoned up to the neck.

Club Jacket $740.0 + tax [SUAF170_]

Cruiser Jacket $330.0 + tax [SUAF181_]

nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX Jersey Tee $85.0 + tax [SUHF145_]

Club Pants $370.0 + tax [SUCF171_]



Setup in the original hybrid material, BREATH TUNE stretch cloth. The material has a two-layer structure, with the surface made of a mixed material of nylon and polyurethane with water repellent finish. The backside is wool, which has natural deodorant properties. It is lightweight and stretchy and comfortable to wear. It can also be washed at home.

BREATH TUNE Club Jacket $500.0 + tax [SUAS120_]

Turtle Neck L/S Stripe Tee &190.0 + tax [SUHF163_]

BREATH TUNE Club Pants $290.0 + tax [SUCF003_]


Kid mohair is so soft to wear.

Pull over sweater with a relaxed silhouette based on the fleece jacket from the 90s. Using precious kid mohair, which comes from angora goats less than one year old. The surface has a raised hair finish for a luxuriously soft texture.

Pullover Sweater $360.0 + tax [SUJF196_]

GORE-TEX INFINIUM Beanie $117.0 + tax [SUPF042_]


Combining wool and nylon creates a highly thermal and soft material that is also durable, making this fleece jacket gentle but strong. Spindle on the hem and snap buttons on the cuffs lets the silhouette be adjusted. Front has a highly functional dot button closure that is easy to open and close.

Fleece Jacket $450.0 + tax [SUHF195_]

Wide Chino Pants $280.0 + tax [SUCF913_]


Work shirt, updated with functional material.

Band collar shirt with a classical mood, based on the pullover shirt for work. The material has a natural random texture created by applying a raised hair finish to a cotton and linen mixed fabric. The pants have a roomy silhouette, and is made of the sweat absorbing and fast drying ALPHADRY ® material. It is smooth and dry even when you sweat and doesn’t get clingy.

Garden Shirt $320.0 + tax [SUGF159_]

Turtle Neck L/S Tee $210.0 + tax [SUHF177_]

Crew Neck Sweat $260.0 + tax [SUHF161_]

ALPHADRY Wide Easy Pants $260.0 + tax [SUCF173_]




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