【Cotton Wool Deck Shirt】

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【Cotton Wool Deck Shirt】

coming soon

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MATERIAL:Cotton Wool Parachute Cloth (86% Cotton, 14% Wool)

※Will be available in August.


・Pullover shirt made of parachute cloth fabric woven using a traditional shuttle weave machine.
・The warp is cotton and the weft is covering core yarn with a wool core covered in cotton, which makes the material warmer than 100% cotton. It is structured so that not much wool comes out on the surface so that it is prickle-free to the touch.
・It is lightweight but due to its high density it doesn’t let wind through and is a highly thermal fabric.
・It has the comfort of a natural material as well as functionality.
・Created based on the details of the U.S Army Utility Shirt.
・Relaxed silhouette around the shoulders and body.


(MEN Model:6ft 1in/wears a size:L)

Size chart

Body Length Chest Width Shoulder Width Sleeve Length
XS 28.7 25.8 26 21.1
S 29.5 26.6 26.8 21.7
M 30.3 27.6 27.6 22.4
L 31.1 28.7 28.4 23.2
XL 31.9 29.9 29.1 24